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3G not working after ICS downgradeSupport

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  1. cdamy

    cdamy Member

    Hi guys. I live in Greece and I have a beautiful Samsung SII GT-i9100 which I bought online and did not receive with any strings attached. About 2 motnhs ago I upgraded to ICS; it looked like a logical decision at the time, but it went south pretty fast.

    The phone ate away at the battery and it lagged horrendously, something my 2-core phone never did before. Very often it would hang needing a hard restart (take out battery) or even restart itself. I spent about a month trying to cope and because I didn't know how to reverse it.

    But I coulldn't cope any more so I decided to downgrade (but not to ROOT, I'm still in unsure whether I understand enough). I read up on it and it soon became clear it was doable.

    The hard part was getting the right ROMs (and it still is). I looked for 'the right' kind of Gingerbread but to no avail; most links were either dead or a trap (admiralackbar . jpg). Finally I struck on some promising ROMs (3 in number, of which 2 work for me).

    I used Odin3_v1.3 and flashed my phone with:
    1. GT-I9100_INU_I9100XWKL1_I9100ODDKL1_I9100DDKL1.tar.md5, and
    2. GT-I9100_ORS_I9100XWKJ1_I9100OXXKJ1_I9100XXKI4.tar.md5 .

    Both worked fine and I thank my lucky stars my phone is up and running again, just like before.

    Only thing I can't seem to resolve is that 3G/GPRS stopped working. I called the phone company (WIND HELLAS S.A.) and they said that everything was OK on their part.

    I tick the 'User Packet Data' box which used to bring up the 3G/GPRS icon (sooner or later) and provided said conectivity. Now, nothing. Any ideas or opinions more then welcome. Also questions!

    Could be some app blocking it?

    Downgraded Galaxy SII form ICS to Gingerbread and now 3g/GPRS won't work. Halp!

  2. Ian Harding

    Ian Harding Member

    Did you clear data with a factory reset after flashing the new firmware?

    If not, there could be something from ICS left behind which is affecting connectivity.
  3. cdamy

    cdamy Member

    Yes, I did it at least twice, though not sure with what order, so your suggestion may have merrit.

    I will back-up, reset, flash and report back on Monday most likely.

    Thx, I feel a glimmer of hope already! :)
  4. cdamy

    cdamy Member

    So, I'm back with news and apologies for being later than I promised.

    I reset to factory default twice and I found these two facts out:

    1. I've installed a Danish version (though I can switch to any language afterwards - I thank my Germsn for that!) and
    2. GPRS works after the reset up until I switch on WIFI and connect to a network, afterwards I cannot make come on by any means.

    Any opinions or suggestions?:confused:
  5. cdamy

    cdamy Member

    It was the IPNs!!!1!

    For G*D knows what reson the software deleted the Provider's APNs after first run and 3G/GPRS configuration became untenable.

    All I had to do was restore the defaults.


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