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  1. 693standby

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    Ok so this question may seem like a no brainer but I just want to get a little input before I make my decision. So my wife just renewed her contract with Sprint. I am holding out, I was going to get the optimus G but I really like the Nexus 4 and the whole idea of updates from Google.
    My question is this. Is it worth it to Spend a little more money up front and have two different phone bills to save betwenn 20-35 dollars a month (not sure exactly how much till I get another bill). Or should I just get the OptimusG and root it to save a little money upfront like I was planning to since I am already roped into a two year contract

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Well if you are saving 20-35$ a month, over the course of 2 years your savings would be between 480-840$ which is definitely worth the cost of paying more up front, so i would say yes, definitely do it, if you want to save that money :)
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  3. ExtremeNerd

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  4. Rigmaster

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    Depending on how long you are from your contract date, ask Sprint about the buy-up program. If you're not that far away, it might be worth it. Make an offer - tell them you want the service but not the phone you have.
  5. 693standby

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    Thanks for the input guys I was leaning towards going prepaid. I just need to save up enough money for the 16gb. I just did all the math and I would save $40 a month. That is too much to pass up.
  6. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Oh yeah man, that is legit, totally do that. That is savings of a little under 1000$ over the course of 2 years. Congrats man :)

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