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  1. fbird18

    fbird18 Member

    I need to do a hard reset because I still have the 100% awake time after the update. I have already backed up my contacts and apps (thanks to information I have found here :)). But I would like to be able to save all my current text messages. Is there a way to do that? I hate losing all these conversations. Thanks for your help!

  2. esoteric1311

    esoteric1311 Member

    Download SMS back up from the market. Will back them all to a "SMS" folder it creates in your gmail. very handy. You can choose automatic back up or do it on your own.

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  3. fbird18

    fbird18 Member

    Thank you very much! I searched beforehand but did not see that particular program. Just used it, seemed to work flawlessly. All the conversations are now in my gmail :). Any tips on how to get them back into the phone after the hard reset?

    Also, I haven't seen this question yet, should I take out my sd card when i do a hard reset? I don't know if it gets messed up or reformatted with the phone or not? Thanks again.
  4. esoteric1311

    esoteric1311 Member

    you can always go to your gmail, and choose that folder. I just back up and then delete off my phone so it doesn't take up to much space and bog the phone down.
  5. shadders139

    shadders139 Well-Known Member

    i'm also interested in this, is there a way to get backed up sms messages back into the phone?
  6. V425

    V425 Well-Known Member

    There is an app called SMS Backup & Restore that saves them to the SD card which can then be restored to your phone. However I prefer SMS Backup that saves them to Gmail because having large message threads is a big source of lag and takes up internal phone memory.
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  7. nilihanth

    nilihanth Active Member

    This thread was helpful. I didn't think to use a backup utility for my text messages. I don't like how they bog down the phone so this is just what I need!
  8. rooneyc

    rooneyc New Member

    is there anyway of saving messages without downloading the APP? my problem is my market doesn't work and that is why i need to reset my phone.
    How do i go about saving contact's and media as well?
    New to all of this stuff so no idea!!
  9. treborcj

    treborcj Well-Known Member

    Do you have a cell signal, how about wifi? If so, go the the link below and scan the QR code. You can also download it to your computer and move it via USB or wireless.

    SMS Backup & Restore v3.4 Application for Android | Tools
  10. treborcj

    treborcj Well-Known Member

    For contacts: Go to people > menu > import/export > export to sd
    For Media: It is stored on your SD card so you can copy it to your computer
  11. starfish7768

    starfish7768 New Member

    Which SMS backup are you speaking of.. I see a few in the market. The one for Gmail is 1.99 would that be it?
  12. mrsalexander

    mrsalexander New Member

    Is there anyway with the SMS Backup app to just backup texts by contact instead of everything? Or maybe a different app?
  13. golfbiz

    golfbiz Well-Known Member

    $20...you are kidding, right
  14. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

  15. textspy

    textspy New Member

    send the text message to you email, it free if you have a texting plan, that way the text will be saved onto you email. and from there you could make a folder.
    android spy|how to spy on text messages
  16. robwterry

    robwterry New Member

    I need and app that will
    save text messages automatically as they happen to my gmail and if I delete messages from the phone they will still be in email.

    How much does the app cost and is it user friendly?

    Can I set it to track only certain contacts or does it have to track all?
    Will it work with blackberry phones w/ T Mobile?
  17. cmorgan76

    cmorgan76 New Member

    I installed SMS backup. It created a label in my Gmail account, but it only backs up the messages that were created after it was installed. I have about 3 months of messages from my gf that I want to back up from. I assume I'm missing a setting or directive. Any help?
  18. AnnaH

    AnnaH New Member

    Thanks for this. I used SMS backup and restore to backup my text messages onto my sd card. I then moved this file from the ad card to my computer. It worked a treat. I then used the app to delete all my text messages, which took a while, but I did have >4000!
  19. cheetahpt

    cheetahpt New Member

    I just downloaded SMS Backup from the Market, and it worked like a charm!!! Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't have to do anything in particular.:)
  20. Yaz13

    Yaz13 New Member


    I downloaded the SMS Backup and Restore App on my phone. My problem lies in trying to open the file on my PC. I sent them to my gmail account but it the file does not download. I tried downloading program to be able to read XML files (I guessed that would be the problem). In fact, what happens is I log into my gmail account using google chrome, but then the file attempts to open in Internet Explorer, from which I just get a blank page. Any suggestions? I just want to open and save the file with my text messages before returning my phone.

    Thank you!
  21. 2012

    2012 Well-Known Member

    Internet explorer needs a stylesheet to display the xml file

    if you do right mouse click > view source on the blank page it will open the xml file as a ordinary text file and then you can save it.
  22. phRiley

    phRiley New Member

    Thanks! This has saved my the very painful task of deleting 20,833 texts between my girlfriend and i. there's way to many memories in there to let go! You've been very helpful! Thanks again!
  23. PVS

    PVS Well-Known Member

    The new release of PhoneLeash can also export SMS to your email account -- creates a email mirror of your threads. Looks like this in Gmail.

  24. se3eagle

    se3eagle New Member

    Just splashed out the princely sum of
  25. cfevans

    cfevans New Member

    I had the same problem with SMS Backup +. The reason was that I skipped backing up everything on install, and the app created a sync point of the current date and time. On SMS Backup + clicking the menu button brought up the option to reset my sync point. I was then able to sync all past messages. There must be something similar in SMS Backup. If not, you could try uninstalling and re-installing to see if it gives you the option then.

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