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Adding Sig to messagesSupport

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  1. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member

    My wife wants to auto add a sig to her messages.

    How can she do this?

  2. jjscotman

    jjscotman Member

    If you download the free app from Android Market called Handcent SMS this will allow her to add a signature to messages.

    I find Handcent a great app for messaging and originally installed it to allow repeat message notifications.
  3. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member

  4. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    There's a sig option in the stock app too.
  5. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member

    How goes one find that option?
  6. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    messages > menu > settings > scroll to the bottom > edit signature/ add signature
  7. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member

    "messages > menu > settings > scroll to the bottom > edit signature/ add signature"

    messages > Menu > settings > scroll to the bottom > No edit signature/add signature.

    Maybe Orange does not incorporate that setting?
  8. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    Seems like it. Why on earth would you want to add a sig to an sms anyway?? Seems crazy.
  9. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member

    To a Twenty something it seems crazy; to a bunch of Seventy something technophobes it makes perfect sense.
  10. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    Haha! :D

    Well I'm a fifty something but I'll let you have that one ;)

    Just tried on my T-Mobile Vivacity (same innards) - it adds your 'signature' into the text before you start composing.

    ChompSMS and SMS Popup apparently do it as well. Shame Orange crippled the stock app :(

    You could copy the original app from here and copy it over the crippled orange version using ES File Explorer as root (except I guess you don't have root).

    How about Go SMS? That says it supports signatures.
  11. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

    Downloaded GoSMS. Has the option... didn't work when set. Stock app still seems to have precedence.. don't want the bloat so dumped it. Let me know if I can help further athegn.
  12. athegn

    athegn Well-Known Member


    Looks like not possible; will have to get user to add sig each time!
  13. fr0d0

    fr0d0 Well-Known Member

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