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Advice on syncing app?

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  1. madhattr

    madhattr Member

    I have an idea of an app that can be placed on multiple devices that will stay synced and updated. Something along the lines of Our Groceries, but on a different concept. It allows me to input or remove and it will automatically update the other person's app. How does a person go about getting something like that made? How much and what steps? Looking to make $$$ with the app.

  2. dlhavema

    dlhavema Well-Known Member

    you'll most likely need a central system to link the devices together and have that either be the "central repository" or have it just hold changes on one device and propagate them to the other devices.

    what does your system need to do when person A creates entry X, and then person B creates the same entry? does it care who created it initially?

    what does it do when person A creates something, and then person B wants to delete it? can everyone change everyone else's stuff?

    the easiest way i'd say is setup a central server that has a couple objects ( maybe db tables )

    * Users - your're users
    * UserGroups - the users that are connected
    * Entities - the things you want to create/sync

    then you need services/pages around each of these for your app to be able to:

    * sign in
    * create account
    * invite users
    * join a group

    * create a group

    * create content
    * remove content
    * update content
    * download content

    * kick user ( is this needed? )

    and then you'll probably want some sort of admin console to monitor/watch all this as well...
  3. madhattr

    madhattr Member

    As far as users creating the same entry, the users will be able to see exactly what has been entered immediately. Yes, items can be deleted or edited by all connected users, but once the item is entered, 9 out of 10 times it would only be edited or deleted by the person who initially put it in. What kind of $$$ figure are looking at to make this happen and what kind of time frame? I think it would definitely be a money maker. Would a person be better off going in partners with a developer and getting it out to the mainstream? What approach would you take as a person with developer skills, just the idea and concept? By the way, thanks for the help. It is greatly appreciated.
  4. dlhavema

    dlhavema Well-Known Member

    i sent you a PM, we can talk more about it that way or through standard channels.

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