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  1. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    Looking around at the newly dead bodies and injured teammates, "well done everyone..."

    "How was that pizza zach?"

    also, pp for reporting spam? Hope so ;)
    Edit: I did, I think i posted "This is either spam, or spam ;)"

  2. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    "I still got some right here!"
  3. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    If we get PP for reporting spam, then I should get a million. :D
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Goes and fetches some fish
    Feeds the catguin with fish and plays with it.
  5. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Let's name it scrapy!
  6. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    If only I was a mod to be able to tell who all reported it :p I am thinking it was reported either 5 or 6 times

    The catguin hisses at you

    figuring out PP and what all was dropped now certain characters will find specific items since they were in proximity
  7. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Don't you have mod friends who could tell you? :p
  8. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    PP rewards
    T'res: 44
    Smith: 48
    Cain: 45
    Zach: 44
    HTC: 44

    Party loot: 405 GC
    6 double charge healing potions
    10 single charge healing potions
    5 short swords
    5 reinforced leather vests (+3 AC)
    2 reinforced synthetic leather vests (+4 AC)
    1 ring of protection (+1 AC)
    1 ring of heath (+10 HP)
    1 bracer of regeneration (+1 HP gained per round)

    player specific: These items were found on the corpses that each character searched, and each character gets first dibs since they aren't exactly party items ;)
    HTC: Undo button (can be used to cancel a previous action within a turn given the GM has not yet posted about said action)

    Zach: 100 feet of silk rope
    Pair of water skis

    T'res: Wand of Greater resurrection (2 charges)

    Cain: +2 explosive sniper rifle (+2 to hit, 12-18 damage)

    Smith: Amulet of luck (5 charges of divine luck spell)
  9. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    lol I don't want to bother them with such a lousy request ;)
  10. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    @marc and MP
    pump up those attributes with the post points .I see you havent used any ...
    go for body increase marc .your HP is too low . two hits are required to kill you :eek:

    "I will take the reinforced synthetic armor ,one short sword and 81 credits(plus catguin).rest you can have it :) .good job smith and HTC "
  11. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    psssshh it's not a lousy request. lol. And do you have all the items that everyone has logged? Or should I go and put what items I have on my char sheet?
  12. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    That was a great fight :D I think every one of you did quite well, I LOLed quite a bit and I think some of the players who aren't used to this style of game are getting the hang of it as time progresses. You can think of the catguin as my character if you wish feel free to try to train it you may or may not be successful :p it may or may not be successful just like it may or may not help you (or your enemies) out in the future.

    There is still some more time before you get to Vipa so role playing is needed unless or until there is another fight my involvement will be minimal aside for the progression of time and questions directed towards me. You are 2 days into the journey and it is about 1 in the afternoon.
  13. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Please update your character sheet with PP and items. This is your responsibility not mine if you fail to do so and forget PP or items it is your loss.
  14. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    see my previous post about the catguin :p
  15. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ok I updated my Character sheet and I think it is correct. If there is anything you notice wrong let me know plz.
  16. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    @Yeahha .

    Will power upgraded from 7 to 9

    PP left :4

    skills upgraded

    Divination (Not sure )
    Aura - Grants nearby unity additional benefits (3 basic charges + 1 element)
    • Lightning Aura(Lightning) :all units have a chance to stun + 2 AC
    • Healing Aura (Healing) :all units' HP is restored [per turn depending on healing cahrges used
    • Dark Aura :all units get a chance of 1 hit kill + 4AC .The units suffer sickness after the battle .
    • Lightning shield :Grants the spell caster 7 AC + 5 melee damage
    • Unholy Shield : Grants the spell caster chance to one hit kill + 8 damage + 2AC .

    Healing upgraded to Level 2

    Items Procured :
    Synthetic Leather Armor
    Short sword
    Wand of greater Resurrection (2 charges)
    81 credits

    Final stats

    Name : T'resezk
    Race :Magical Human

    Description : Not much to say except he is a shadow . One of the early magical researchers ,he has strong knowledge of magic .He gets his work done with his skills and avoids combat at all costs .A man with silver tongue they say .He is also rumored to be descendant of the mystical syrons .

    AC:7 + 4

    S: 3
    A: 3
    B: 4
    C: 4
    I: 4
    W: 6 --> 7 -->9

    Primary Skill : Will Power

    Combat Skills:

    Non-Combat skills :
    Sailing (Will Power)

    Magic Skills :
    Healing -->2
    • One shot healing
    • Mass healing

    Elemental -Lightning
    • Lightning shield
    • Lightning Bolt
    • Water prison
    • Water Cannon
    Necromancy -2
    • Dark gift: Player casts spell to ready it, next turn if the player has a successful melee attack there is a 10% chance to kill the target (for each charge used the % to kill raises 10 % max 99% chance using 10 charges)
    • Spiders web: 1 target per charge used is disabled for 1 turn
    • Weaken: Target loses 1-5 health and 1AC per charge used for 1 turn per charge used.
    • Parasite: Target loses 1-5 health per charge used for caster gains health lost by target

    Nature : (No clue currently )

    Current Inventory

    • 2 cotton shirts and a pair of jeans .
    • A medium backpack .
    • ,A sleeping bag
    • Two loaves of bread .
    • Some wine
    • 2x short swords .(Weapon Melee)
    • Six bottles of water .
    • Leaves of the Knowlet tree -7 (1 used)(Magic )
    • A cellphone
    • Some maps of the nearby terrain >_>
    • Some paper .
    • A compass
    • pendulum
    • Carving Knife
    • Sundial
    • Wand of greater Resurrection

    Reinforced leather vest
    Syn.Re leather vest

    PP available :4
    GC left :102
  17. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    use PPs :)
    and upgrade you attributes
    70 points
    I would suggest

    21 for Intelligence 7 (you get two bonus skills :) )
    15+18=33 for Body = 6
    15 Raise Charisma to 5
    PP left =1
    Your HP will be
  18. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    sounds good. The catguin hisses at you and resumes it's place with the ball of wool in the control deck.

    I like how you have set up your character sheet :)

    I am rethinking dark is way too powerful I used it to "kill" T'res earlier today. I am thinking it should come with a backlash...after all coming from a D&D background it is basically a level 2 spell for a kill almost every time (unless you are 9to5:p) I am thinking about making dark gift have a backlash where the caster takes 10 damage per charge regardless of hit or not. Once you get to higher levels (and other necromancers of higher levels) they can cast a different spell that has the current spell description. As it stands right now a low level divine spell caster is overpowered as the android earlier had 2 ranks in dark gift and a 7 willpower

    I suggest not only raising your primary stat but also stats that affect your HP and AC as the enemies will only get stronger and if you have a 20 max HP and 8 AC no matter how hard you can hit you are an easy target.
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  19. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    actually you mis interpreted the dark gift .(which i originally thought)
    The original idea was a melee combat user gets a one hit kill chance for 6 and above roll for two rounds .
  20. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Yeah I did (given I am kinda partial to divine characters since I have spent quite a bit of time playing clerics) which idea do you like better mine with the backlash or the providing a melee instant kill chance?
  21. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    It doesnt matter really .Dark Gift is rarely used by me .
    A backlash is good idea which low level spell casters will avoid providing the necessary depth .
    Dark gift is a rare move to perform ,usually to avoid an all party kill :eek:
  22. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    thanks I will update the rules with the backlash version then ;) FWIW I try to avoid TPK at all costs and the last time I did have a TPK (outside of running something by grimtooth) I reset the gaming session to give the party a second chance because I know as hard as I work to make the game fun the players work on their characters as well and more than likely the players are more attached to their characters than I am to my campaign. FYI I am glad that I got a chance to kill you today. After the catguin showed up and you teased the over powered android I just thought this will be fun...:D had you managed to trap him earlier I would have been bummed :) plus you would have known less about catguin pee :p
  23. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    The irony is I was only hit once in the full game and died :eek: .I was waiting to use parasite but it seemed futile ...
    good game guy .Lots of lol moments .
    A word of advice

    marc and Met prime have not used up PPs to use attributes .
    Thats why they were a bit weaker when we started the second battle .

    By the current status .
    Cain is the strongest character while HTC is the weakest .

    smith ,zach and T'resezk are equal .

    marc get some moltovs ready from the alcohol and use it with your demolitions skill

    Zach's character sheet is pretty balanced ,I think .

    if you have doubts about using PPs and skills ,just post and I will help you explain .
  24. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    "Ok folks I will take some loot how about...
    2 double charge healing potions
    2 single charge healing potions
    1 short sword
    1 reinforced synthetic leather vest
    1 ring of protection
    And that Amulet of luck.
    We can take all the stuff people don't want and sell it later. We can split the creds evenly. "

    I will update my character when I get to a computer.
  25. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    "How about giving amulet of luck to cain here .He needs luck ....."
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