Anyone having problems with Flixster?

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  1. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Well-Known Member

    Being an avid movie fan this is one of my favourite apps. It's been great until a few days ago. There were a couple of updates over the last week or so and now it's not working properly :(

    Everything is OK apart from the 'Upcoming movies' section. It just times out with a network error. My network is fine, I've tried it on 3G HSDPA and WiFi and it won't work on any of them. As I said, the rest of the app is fine, just that one section.

    Anyone else having similar issues?

  2. Nodders

    Nodders Well-Known Member

    Late to this post I know, but it popped up when I was doing a google search. I'm suffering from exactly the same problem
  3. Anthony1

    Anthony1 Well-Known Member

    Better late than never ;)

    Just giving this a bit of a bump in case anyone else recognises this issue.
  4. wmm

    wmm Well-Known Member

    Works okay for me.
  5. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    I'm getting a network error on Flixster first was telling me I needed to enable location (which I always have enabled) and then it started telling me that it can't connect and offering a retry/cancel...retry fails continuously.
  6. DeanCorso

    DeanCorso New Member

    Hello all :)

    I got a similar problem...i downloaded Flixster last night and now each time i use it i always get "Server Data Problem - Flixster server have encountered an unexpected problem. Please try again momentarily." then i click ok i can acces it fine, its just annoying that always get the server data problem message each time i open it, should i try to delete it and reinstall?? anyoneelse having the same problem with this App??

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S II

  7. DeanCorso

    DeanCorso New Member

    Okay i fixed the problem....i cleared the cache

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