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Anyone rooted the galaxy 3.6?

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  1. DannySihapanya

    DannySihapanya Well-Known Member

    I got got the galaxy 3.6 last night and its so boring, I just want to root it.

    I tried super one click but didnt work.

    Any tutorials or how to's?


  2. Cali Magnum

    Cali Magnum New Member

  3. rosehipzero

    rosehipzero Active Member

    Bumpity bump.

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  4. akumasaint

    akumasaint New Member

    Oh wow, no one has answered this question. Well, seeing how I haven't said anything yet on here. I've rooted my 3.6. It took a while to find something (I've also tried Super One Click for it to do nothing.)

    I did a Tutorial from XDA (can't post link yet). Try searching Samsung Galaxy 3.6 on their website and the first link should help you out.

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