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  1. rbertani

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    Hi Everyone, how are you?

    My name is Ricardo and I would like present you a never seen before app musical called Sonata. Our software allows reharmonize piano scores (it do modifications on harmony of a original song ) and generate different versions of it. Nowadays the app accepts a midi file as entry, transform it to a piano score and you can choose among 4 reharmonization techniques to generate different versions of this piano score. You can export the piano scores as midi or pdf too.
    There are two versions published at google play(complete and demo version):

    Demo version:

    Complete Version(Paid):

    We would like of your opinions. Suggestions and complains are always welcome! :)

    Thank You.

  2. rbertani

    rbertani New Member

    Hi Everyone, I would like to present my new android app on Google Play, it is called All In Your Hands. My initial idea was unite in one place various kinds of media (Music, V
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