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Applications Safe to remove. ICS.

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  1. glore2002

    glore2002 Well-Known Member

    As many of you surely did, I checked this link:


    to see what applications are safe to be removed (I freeze them as suggested instead to make sure the phone keeps working).

    That worksheet is very useful but a bit outdated. Now I am using ICS (neat) and would appreciate your help to see what the following apps do and if they are safe to remove being not important for my phone. Those apps are:
    (few of them are on the original list but most aren't).
    Accuweather Weather Daemon
    Application installer 1.0
    Application monitor 1.0
    AvrcpServiceSamsung 1.0
    Calendar 1.1 (what are the differences with calendar 1.0 which is also installed).
    Calendar 1.0
    clock 1.0
    com.android.backuconfirm 403-uhlps
    com.android.sharedstoragebackup 4.0.3-uhlps
    com.android.smspush 4.0.3-uhlps
    com.sec.android.app.minimode.res 4.0.3-uhlps
    Downloads 4.0.3uhlps
    drm-protected Content Storage 4.0.3-UHLPS
    dsmForwarding 1.0
    dsmLawmo 1.0
    Enterprise VPN services 4.0.3-uhlps
    Exchange services 3.1
    Face unlock 4.0.4-338691
    Google account manager
    google bookmark sync
    Google Search
    license settings 1.10
    MapServiceSamsung 4.0.3-uhlps
    music 2
    musicfx 1.4
    PopupuiReceiver 1.6
    Remote controls 1.0
    Roboto FlipFont 2.0
    SecPhone 1.0
    setup wizard 1.3
    Social hub 2.00.00001
    Social hub 1.0
    Social hub 7.52.11118
    software update v3_1201_3_1
    SyncmIDS v1_1201_5_2
    System UI 4.0.3-uhlps
    talk 4.0.4-338691
    Task 1.0
    Test Service 1.0
    twDVFSApp 1.0
    TWlauncher 4.0.3-uhlps
    video player 1.0
    Voice Recorder 0.1
    Voice search 3.0.1
    VPNDialogs 4.0.3-uhlps
    Wi-Fi Direct 1.1
    Wi-fi sharing 1.1
    Wi-fi sharing manager 1.1
    youtube 4.0.23


  2. dportal2006

    dportal2006 Well-Known Member

    You can delete the ones that are apk files for the apps just don't mess with the dialer apk or with any of the Android os files because you are to f*** everything. Don't delete anything that you are not 100 percent sure. Good luck.
  3. glore2002

    glore2002 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your reply. Most of them I am not completely sure they are safe to freeze. That's why an update to the worksheet will be very helpful (I think :)
  4. jeremy_inc

    jeremy_inc Well-Known Member

    I have frozen both the accuweather ones, as I use a different weather app. But my assumption is that the accuweather feeds weather info to the 2 live wallpapers (the one with the windmills and the sea one), so if you use them you might not want to.

    Also from that list I have frozen Exchange services - I use a different email app as the stock one kept wigging out and draining the battery no matter what I did

    Social hubs and software update are frozen, as are Talk, TW launcher and wifi sharing
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  5. BrwnEyedTxGrl

    BrwnEyedTxGrl New Member

    Would this list also apply to the Galaxy Reverb?
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    I wouldn't risk it on the Reverb, tbh. The list was compiled pre-ICS and refers to GSM rather than CDMA devices, so the chances are that software dependencies are different.

    You're sure to get a knowledgeable answer in the Reverb - All Things Root section.

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