Apps to SD hack - Anyone do it?

  1. sconnelly

    sconnelly Well-Known Member

  2. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    From what I understand, you need to have root to use apps2sd. I've never actually used it though as on my rooted dream cyanogenmod takes care of it automaticly as long as the SD is formated correctly.

    The SD would have to be formated with a small 512mbps ext3 or ext4 partition and the remainder as fat32, a minimum of class4 SD is recomended with a class6 being prefered.

    From what I understand this does have the possibility of reducing the life of the SD card, by how much I don't know. Because the magic doesn't have the memory limitations of the dream (dream only has 92mb available to user), it is not recommend unless your in the habit of collecting apps.
  3. sconnelly

    sconnelly Well-Known Member

    I understand the mechanics of how it is done but I am wary about doing this with this latest update.

    BTW, I use all 75 apps I have installed. :p

    Yeah... okay I am a bit of an apps collector. But I will eventually have a need for every app. I installed.
  4. damnmad

    damnmad Well-Known Member

    What GBD means is you can't use apps2sd on an updated Magic (no root yet)

    BTW it's a must-have for Android phones.

    You guys both applied the patch?
  5. sconnelly

    sconnelly Well-Known Member

    I do understand that I must root first. That is why I asked. I haven't seen any info on rooting the updated Magic.

    But GBD may not be correct about reducing the life of the uSD memory. After moving apps to the uSD, the operations should be mostly reading.

    Unless of course, app caches are also located on the uSD memory. Does anyone know? If so, this would certainly reduce the life of the uSD [NAND flash] memory because it is limited to a finite number of write operations (about 150K per memory cell). That may seem like a lot of writes but that many writes could occur within a year for an app that requires a lot of write operations.

    Can anyone shed some light on just how App2SD works?

    Yes, I my Android is updated to the latest Sense UI.
  6. damnmad

    damnmad Well-Known Member

    A2SD depends on how you set it up. The cache would stay on the internal phone memory, but you can make a linux-swap partition, which is like virtual memory on PCs. I don't really know how much data the memory can take, but it has to be more than that.
  7. GreatBigDog

    GreatBigDog Well-Known Member

    The point is kind of irrelevant anyway. If you applied the new update from Rogers then you can't root the phone and Apps2SD requires root. You will have to wait until someone comes up with a way to downgrade the SPL to something that is rootable.


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