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  1. justicedealt

    justicedealt Well-Known Member

    I am thinking about purchasing 1 of these for my wife for Christmas. Does anyone have any input on them, and know what retailer carries them so that I can actually pick one up and put my hands on it before I buy it? I have looked at alot of reviews, and it honestly looks like this machine has major potential. Problem is, apparently they are hard to find.

  2. LukeOlson

    LukeOlson Well-Known Member

    Hmm, it doesn't look to me like even Archos is selling them yet at their online store, but you can give them your email address here and they will notify you when it's available.
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  3. riki1kenobi

    riki1kenobi Well-Known Member

    Depends where in the world you are tbh. In the uk they are available in places like currys, pc world and online at dixons, amazon, pix mania to name a few sellers.

    I got mine (archos 70) from dixons last week, however demand for these tabs are high so IF you can get one I would highly recommend them :)
  4. Karuk

    Karuk Well-Known Member

    Depending on what she will use it for I would highly recommend the A70. Loving my as we speak (no homo).

    I would suggest going to and click on Store in upper right corner.
    Select your country.
    Select the device you want A70
    Check to see if you can select one to buy

    If not scroll down to to the bottom of the page you will see a link to archos USA facebook page. Go there and look for release dates

    OR you can stay on the archos website and hit F5 every minute until they go on sale. :rolleyes:
  5. djvorac

    djvorac Member

    The A70's are available on right now. The 8GB version only.
  6. cclement

    cclement New Member

    I couldn't wait any longer just ordered a archos 70. Should be in by the time I get to back to land.
  7. Karuk

    Karuk Well-Known Member

    Update: A70

    LauncherPro is a MUST. I can not stress enough the difference it makes. Screen changes are buttery. It makes the tablet a must have.

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