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  1. nikhiltiru

    nikhiltiru New Member

    I have a problem with my Samsung Galaxy 3. Battery drops to 10% directly from 50%, with just one phone call (not more than 1 min). And gets charged to 50% directly from 10% when i put it to charge. I keep all data networks off. Have got the software reset from a Samsung Service center. Didnt work. So next time they replaced the battery. Didnt work. Next Time they replaced the mother board itself. Still the same issue. Now they say wait a month for Froyo. Anyone else having similar issues???

  2. Salakala

    Salakala Member

    It's a well known issue that has been endlessly discussed in this forum. Please bother to search the forum. Froyo update fixes this issue.
  3. MrMister

    MrMister Well-Known Member

    Is this confirmed ok now with froyo? The official UK update?

    SAHIL JAIN New Member

    bro me to havin the same problem...is ur problem fixed now..?? if yes then do tell me how..waitin..
  5. konathala

    konathala New Member

    It was not fixed with froyo 2.2 update I5801_DDJP6 (Indian version). Help me if you had a solution.

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