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  1. AlexCTS

    AlexCTS Member

    Hi, after every time I reboot my phone, the battery level will drop to a certain percentage. I tried charging it to 100% and when I reboot it, it dropped to around 60% -80% and never go back up. I tried charging it again and it shoot up to 100% in less than 2mins.


    I tried battery calibration the no-root-way, but still having the same problem. (Calibrate Android Phone/Tablet Battery and Achieve Longer Battery Life)

  2. nieltab

    nieltab Well-Known Member

    You could try using up the battery until the phone shuts down. Then charge it up again.

    Sometimes the phone doesn't know the real battery percentage and emptying it totally gives it the chance to find out.

    I also see you are running juice defender and avast, those 2 can drain the battery faster. Android can manage the processes itself quite good, any task killer apps can disturb this. And avast is a great app, but if you only download apps from google play you should be fine. When you think there is a chance you have a suspicious app then you can still download avast, scan your phone and uninstall it again.
  3. AlexCTS

    AlexCTS Member

    Hi nieltab, I tried to drain the battery until the phone shut off by itself and charge it up to 100%, but still having the same problem. I've stopped using juice defender, but still using avast because I downloads stuff from internet quite often. So I think it's better to leave it on.
  4. Persian Geek

    Persian Geek New Member


    I have a Galaxy S2 and am suffering from the exact same problem as Alex. can anyone help as it is getting very annoying, i have tried to drain the battery until the phone turns off itself then charged it to 100% then took the battery out and in and fully charged it again, i also did a hard reset but still the same issue:confused::mad::mad:
  5. Persian Geek

    Persian Geek New Member


    on the above image when the level is dropping to red is when i restarted the devise, (force restart due t one application)
  6. ajoshi2120606

    ajoshi2120606 New Member

    Hi I own a Samsung Galaxy S Advance (duh!)
    When I charge the phone and use it normally, sometimes the battery falls from 52 % to 38%...on stand by state.
    After I turn it off and power it back on, the battery Percentage is back to 52%.
    My Mother owns a Samsung Galaxy Y, and this occurs even in that phone.
    My phone is 2.3.6 an so in the Galaxy Y.

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