Battery recommendation for G2X?Tips

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  1. azscott

    azscott New Member

    I wanted to buy a replacement/spare battery for my power sucking G2X

    Any ideas on who to buy from / what to buy?
    I've got a portable USB power brick from New Trent that's great, but its not always convenient to carry around.

    I googled around but half of these places I have never heard from, so I was hoping someone here took the plunge

  2. aaronandtammy7

    aaronandtammy7 Active Member

    Before I rooted my phone the battery was terrible. I rooted it and flashed cyanogenmod7, added the trinity kernel and now my battery is awesome. I only charge it about every two days and that's with moderate to heavy use. There are definite advantages to rooting this phone and they are not limited to battery life alone.

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