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  1. Ruxa90

    Ruxa90 Member

    Hi, i just bought samsung galagxy gio and its battery life seems to be the most utter crap iv ever seen.

    The battery drains completely in 1 day AND im not even doing anything with it. How is that possible? We bought 2 phones and battery in both phones drains in 1 day.

    There is no way that is normal, right?

    Anybody else experiencing something like this or do you guys have any solutions to my "little" problem.

  2. ardchoille

    ardchoille Well-Known Member

    Here are some tips for battery life:
    1. Turn off refresh in all apps like twitter and facebook. You can manually refresh data in an app when you launch it and having an app refresh while you sleep is a waste of resources in my opinion. One exception to this might be gmail

    2. Get rid widgets that constantly poll for information. These are widgets that are constantly pulling in information, such as weather, which uses more battery life. Again, you can manually refresh information when you launch an app.

    3. If your phone has a Super AMOLED screen use a darker theme. Super AMOLED screens don't use power to draw black pixels.

    4. Don't use a task killer or battery monitor.. they're constantly using battery life.

    5. Calibrate your battery. Use the phone until it shuts off due to lack of power. While the phone is off charge it to 100%. Repeat these steps a few times. You'll begin to see that the battery life will laster longer each time. I was turning everything on (wifi, bluetooth, GPS, etc.) to get this done faster and found that it became more difficult to intentionally run the battery down each time.

    I've done these things on three different phones and always see battery life improve.
  3. Ruxa90

    Ruxa90 Member


    Thanks for your answer. Im going to try these things and report back here after. Ty alot.

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