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  1. I am thinking about taking the Nexus One plunge but one thing I need would be a good language translator. I don't have an android phone yet so I can't search the app store. I was wondering what is the best translator app for the nexus one.

    I was hoping to find an app where one could speak their native tongue into the mic and the phone could do voice to text, translate the text into English, then play the translated text over the speaker and do all this relatively quickly.

    Does such a thing exist? Thanks in advance for any input.

  2. peadar

    peadar Well-Known Member

    Google Translate now does this on my Nexus, although the speech part only works for certain languages.
  3. Thanks very much for the response. Just curious, is Portuguese one of the languages it works for?
  4. peadar

    peadar Well-Known Member

    Interesting... It isn't working at the moment. It translates my "Are you a good singer?" into written Portuguese, but when I press the "speak" button, I get the message "speaking in Portuguese", but only silence from the speakers. Looks like a bug of some kind. This occurs even after a restart of the app...

    It does work in another app: TTS Translate. However, the only Portuguese is European Portuguese. I'm not sure how genuine the accent is...
  5. Thanks
  6. ghitos73

    ghitos73 Active Member

  7. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    google translate is aweseom.. so funny!
  8. hunta

    hunta Well-Known Member

    You don't need to download a language pack or something do you?
  9. peadar

    peadar Well-Known Member

    I don't think so, but I'm open to correction on this or anything else ;)
  10. inspiron41

    inspiron41 Well-Known Member

    yes you need a language pack for the nexus to speak any language including english. when you install the application (if my memory serves me) it askes you to install a text-to-voice app and it even recommends a english speech app. I believe it could speak other language, but i couldnt find any other txt-to-speech application other than english on the market. I guess only time can tell us when they'll release more txt-to-speech apps. i tried to get it to speak mandarian, but it couldnt. but if any of you are familiar with mandarian language, google translate displays the pinyin. WHICH IS A+++++++++++++. I love this application.

    And yes you can dictate the english translations with the speech recognition.
  11. EpiphanyX

    EpiphanyX Member

    Google Translate does exactly what you describe and it is installed on the phone out of the box. It supports a ridiculous number of languages. The big ones - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese all have engines built for reading the translated text out loud ( in a female robot voice ). I was actually pretty stunned to find this incredibly useful application on my phone when I turned it on and started playing with it. I travel to Turkey pretty regularly and I have been slowly learning the language and I was delighted to find that I can speak simple sentences into my phone and it spits out the translated Turkish equivalent reasonably accurate in a second or two. The button to read the translated text is there for Turkish but it doesn't work. This is the case with other less "dominant" languages. It shows you the translated text but won't read it out loud but the service uses the cloud and it is expandable so with time, all of the other languages will get filled out.

    Google plans to expand and refine this system. The algorithms they are using to do the translation will use context and they have ways of accounting for different accents and speech patterns as well. They're on the forefront of this kind of technology and they're aiming to bring it the masses - and you get it free on the N1.

    Google leaps language barrier with translator phone - Times Online
  12. EpiphanyX

    EpiphanyX Member

    ...Not a bug. Just not implemented yet. It does the same for a bunch of the (relatively) lesser used languages. Google has the hooks in place to plug in a speech transliteration/speech synthesizer algorithm but it's not in place yet. They're using the really popular languages like Spanish, English, Chinese, etc to build refine their systems and algorithms and at some point we'll see fledgling speech engines plugged in for Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, etc.
  13. trailmixx

    trailmixx New Member

    Does the phone have to be online with wifi or 3G access in order to use the google translator? I'm going to rural areas of China and wonder if this is going to be at all useful for me.
  14. peadar

    peadar Well-Known Member

    Sadly, I think it does need a connection :(

    There may be another one you could download out there somewhere, but it would probably be fairly limited -- not much more than a phrase dictionary, maybe.
  15. panhead_pete

    panhead_pete Member

    Hi guys, isnt there an App for doing this? I did find it once but couldnt find it again... :( I am too working in rural China and need something loaded onto the phone. I use Google translate in the office and it rocks!!
  16. finnlin

    finnlin New Member

    hi all bros,

    I'm newbie to Android (recently just got 1 HTC Nexus One).
    When i copied Chinese songs to SD card and on the phone it does not display Chinese but some garbage fonts. :(
    I tried change language to Chinese but still the same garbage fonts display.
    SW Build: Android 2.2

    Any kind bros knows the problem? Thanks in advance.:)
  17. Frank

    Frank Well-Known Member

    I am in Lijiang, China and use Google Translate with my Nexus One. I only have 2G and wireless internet. The problem is that the government here screws around with Google services and blocks some of them completely. So often Google Translate does not work on the Nexus One. Yet it always works with my laptop.
  18. Hi guys,

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  19. MJzhang0155

    MJzhang0155 New Member

    Seems funny to make liaison of 7 and your product promotion :p

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