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  1. Rozky

    Rozky New Member

    I would like to introduce Bluetooth Remote PC which allow you to remotely control your PC.

    Developer's site: Android Remote PC
    Application's site:

    Get access to computer and use your favourite programs from distance. You can control mouse, keyboard, multimedia player, presentation or power system commands.

    Thx for comments and suggestions for new features. ;)

    George Rozkovec :)

  2. Rozky

    Rozky New Member

    Before 4 months I published my free Bluetooth Android application for remote control PC. Now I want to introduce full Remote PC.

    Remote PC has extra remote desktop, Wi-Fi connection, keyboard shortcuts support and so on...

    For more information you can visit our pages. :rolleyes:
  3. Hi George, thanks for posting those. But I'm not quite sure what the benefit is of remote control via Bluetooth: if I'm within Bluetooth range anyway I would much rather walk three paces to my laptop or desktop machine, sit down and enjoy the fullsized screen and keyboard to work with than fidgeting and fumbling on my phone's tiny screen. So can you explain what you see as a useful application of remote control over Bluetooth?

    And what do you see as the benefit of your full 'Remote PC' app, costing € 2,50, compared to others like Teamviewer, which is free for personal use?
  4. Rozky

    Rozky New Member

    Hi Wonderland,

    my application is developed for those which not want to be at their computer in that moment. :)

    For example:
    1) A student is lying in bed and watching a movie.
    2) A teacher/manager can shift a slide instead of he is at the back of a room.
    3) A IT technician is working on some issue in remote area, but he can always check his computer's status (download, install, changes in system) from his smartphone (I suppose the company has LAN network and the technician is connected through Wi-Fi)
    4) ...

    TeamViewer is a nice application, but you must be connected to Internet (need a Internet data tarrif). It has also higher bandwith so other application are slowed down and TeamViewr hasn't so much control services.

    Every application has some beginning and in future I want to achieve same positives from TeamViewer with Bluetooth Remote PC and Remote PC and add something more. :cool:
  5. Barnard85

    Barnard85 New Member

    I must say this app saved my day.
    I used it on my daughters birthday party, i had all the music on my phone and used the BT Media player so i could play the music on my system but not have to be at the laptop to change the music or pause when playing games.

    I rate this app 5*
    Very nicely thought of Rozky!

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