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  1. PhantomTrace

    PhantomTrace Well-Known Member

    Any1 addicted to it yet?? I am :)
    Im on afternoon 15.. what about you?

  2. Pathosis

    Pathosis Well-Known Member

    I honestly gave this game a shot and didn't really feel for it.. I only passed the first few levels.. Does it get more fun or something?

    Either way, I'm diggin that BRAIN delux thing. ;)
  3. swimfan623

    swimfan623 Member

    I beat all the levels in morning, afternoon, and evening within a day or two. The levels do get harder but still nor super hard to beat or anything.
  4. cevatt

    cevatt Member

    its kinda fun but when my memory gets full its gonna be the first thing to go. it aint worth 7MB.

    btw has anyone noticed when looking at file sizes that the file size of the market is getting larger. mines up to 6MB and i'm not too sure what it used to be i just know it was smaller. dunno if its because more apps are available or because i've downloaded more.
  5. bestivo

    bestivo Member

    It's my favorite game by far. I'm on 2nd or 3rd day at night.
  6. PhantomTrace

    PhantomTrace Well-Known Member

    Im on evening 17... man its gets hard- but so fun in correlation :D
  7. onthefence

    onthefence Well-Known Member

    the first weekend i had the phone, i could not put it down. hopefully they'll make a spin off or something so the fun can continue...
  8. PhantomTrace

    PhantomTrace Well-Known Member

    They definitely will... for a price :mad:. What level are you on?
  9. onthefence

    onthefence Well-Known Member

    the first weekend i got to about afternoon 19, but then i had to reset the phone and setup with MY gmail account and now i'm back at about 22 morning. Takin it slower this time. but it's just as fun as when i started.

    i got to say i am much more a fan of the 2D games, never got caught up in the new wave of gaming. legacy games all the way for me...
  10. PhantomTrace

    PhantomTrace Well-Known Member

    just beat the game? Went all the way to the end of evening, thinking night would be last... and yeah to my surprise no congratulations or nothing.
    ~I was kind of let down :(
  11. Zinzi

    Zinzi Well-Known Member

    I gave it a go but it bored me pretty quickly :/ we need more games available!
  12. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Too much phone memory for me :)

    Seriously, fun game, but I really hope the OS is updated to allow games installed to the SD card.

    The market will become constrained if people are forced to juggle apps and games due to not having the option.
  13. dubb

    dubb Member

    I'm stuck on level 19 its a pretty hard one.
  14. toto56

    toto56 Active Member

    me too...:D
  15. ericsscion

    ericsscion Active Member

    i love this game ... its a lot of fun for when i'm bored
  16. mikeeh

    mikeeh Well-Known Member

    finished the game a few weeks ago. It gets harder midway through the levels in each stages

    and finally uninstalled it since it is a hefty file size
  17. Seby86

    Seby86 Member

    i love the game. its addicting. one of the better one's IMO. bonsai blast FTW

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