Boost mobile APN settings?

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  1. psp_noob

    psp_noob Well-Known Member

    does anyone know what the boost mobile APN settings are or how to find them? i tried to google it with not much luck

    the menu under wireless networks where that info is usually stored just has a 3G switch?

    any feedback would be appreciated

  2. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

  3. Xruptor

    Xruptor Well-Known Member

    It's posted here in one of the thread somewhere. If you do a search for it you may find it. I know I posted it on Facebook a long time ago as well. It's also found on the web if you do a search.

    BUT with that said ;) Use the APN Manager app to do this.

    APN: Boost_Mobile
    User Name: Boost_Mobile
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MCC: 310
    MNC: 00
    APN Type:
  4. rread13

    rread13 New Member

    Mine looks slightly different. I too used the APN manager apk to set mine and the settings are different for the following :
    MCC: 311
    MNC: 870

    All features seem to work but one. I have not been able to send emails with photo's taken from the phone which is troubling, I sometimes need to do this at work. I have to do some more testing to confirm.
  5. psp_noob

    psp_noob Well-Known Member

    that's what mine looks like (using CTMod 2.2)

    i'm curious if the other settings are from a factory APN and if it makes a difference?

    all my stuff seems to be working at the moment

    the reason why i asked in the first place is that i was going to attempt to use a boost mob. sim card in a different phone, just out of curiosity

    thanks for the feedback guys
  6. psp_noob

    psp_noob Well-Known Member

    i have a couple of differences on my setup noted below:

    Password:. <--- this is a password dot, don't know how to type it
    MCC: 311
    MNC: 870

    using CTMod 2.2, i don't know if the password and server entries are hidden characters or just a dot (password) and an asterisk (server) ?? since i don't know how to reveal the characters if they were hidden

    just wondering what setup you're using? and also if your data/texting/messaging stuff is working fine then what difference does it make to change these fields??
  7. hopedpocketts

    hopedpocketts Well-Known Member

    I have the sprint marquee and having a hard time finding info on flashing to boost. I have a prevail I can use as Donner. But I have read the using prevail a. Donner phone can be next to impossible because some of the info needed through cdma tools is locked through Samsung.

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