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boost to sprint conversion

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  1. Slikno420

    Slikno420 Well-Known Member

    Alright need to swap a buddies phone over to sprint from boost, could I just odin the sprint files? Or how would I go about that?

  2. ChemicalFix

    ChemicalFix Member

    all I will say is where there is a will, there is a way... and no, it isn't quite as simple as flashing sprint rom
  3. LesB

    LesB Well-Known Member

    I have been contemplating this in reverse, sprint to boost. I am a noob to android as the tu is my first phone so what I say may need to be taken with a grain of salt. First things first, does he already have a tu on sprint and wants to swap a boost phone to replace it?

    That is my reasoning for the swap. I dont think it will work otherwise as the phone ids will still be boost. With that said my plan of action to try is this.

    This is sprint to boost so change boost to sprint for yours.

    1. Flash Boost rom to phone.
    2. Flash Boost baseband to phone.
    3. Change esn of sprint phone to my boost esn. Now the 2 questions here are 1.is this legal? 2. Is it ok to post this here. I think its ok to post if I read the rules right, but I dont know that it is legal to do.

    I *think* those steps will swap the phone.

    My reasoning for doing this is my phone is badly damaged and I get a sprint tu in bix with bad esn for real cheap. My only worry is that I am potentially buying a stolen phone to convert. Not really looking to to help thieves profit is the only reason I have not tried it yet.
  4. ChemicalFix

    ChemicalFix Member

    This won't work. Sprint to boost is no biggy, so long as the sprint esn hasn't been blacklisted. You can just call boost and give them the esn and they should get everything pushed to the phone to work, then you can flash a boost rom. The rom (in my experience) matters little if any at all.

    I am running a Sprint TU on Straight Talk with a heavily modified Boost Rom.

    As for taking a Boost esn to sprint.... not going to happen... but there are ways that cannot be mentioned here to do it. As spectacularly nerdy as this sounds, I will from here out be referring to the process as Voldemorting a phone.

    Get ready for a long journey and google is your friend. You can figure it out.

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