Bought Nexus S on 2-Yr Contract but No Data Plan Required?

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  1. Nawktonson

    Nawktonson Member

    I purchased my Nexus S at on a 2-year contract. On the website, it states that the phone will require a data plan on contract. However, when I received the phone in the mail and put in my SIM card, I found out that I had no 3G service. I gave T-Mobile a call and they gave me a 1-month free trial of 3G which just ended a few days ago. I gave them a call after the trial ended and told them that I don't want 3G anymore. Now my phone has no data plan and there is nothing listed under "Required Services" when I check my account at

    This is pretty cool because I'm always in a wi-fi hotspot anyway, and this will be saving me at least $360 without having the 2 years of data.

    There are also two other phones (BlackBerrys) under my account and the website detected their model numbers. For the Nexus S though, it just says "Unknown Device." Maybe this is the cause of the problem?

    Did someone make a mistake somewhere which is making it possible for me to use my phone without a data plan? Will T-Mobile catch this mistake and force me to sign up for one? Is anyone else noticing that they can get away with not having to sign up for a data plan with their Nexus S purchased with a 2-year contract?

  2. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    Since its an unlocked device i don't think you are required to have a data plan. At least that's what I was told by a tmobile rep. If they actually sold it in tmobile I believe they would require a data plan.
  3. NunyaBidnez

    NunyaBidnez Well-Known Member

    If you got the subsidy with your Nexus S, they should have required a data plan. you may have just slipped through a crack in their sign up process.
  4. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Its not an official t-mobile branded phone is why. Its unlocked.
  5. Gnostradamus

    Gnostradamus New Member

    It says "Requires a minimum $10/month Web access fee with all Even More voice plans." But I thought by the time the phone debuted in Dec. T-Mobile already instituted a new min. plan of $15 for 200 MB. Is that just old info on bestbuy's page?

    I already have an Even More family plan. Do I have to add a line or can I sign a new 2-yr contract? This would be such a steal. (Edit: Found the answer elsewhere. The account has to be "upgrade eligible". And it's not such a steal without HSPA+ support...)
  6. kil123

    kil123 New Member

    Bought mine at Best Buy for full price. I have Tmobiles pay as you go program. $1.50 for 24 hours pass, but the data limit is 30 megs and after that limit-the data is SEVERELY throttled.
  7. Martin J

    Martin J Active Member

    Contracts aside, the phone itself doesn't need 3G, it'll work just as well with a WiFi connection. That said, are you sure there's going to be WiFi everywhere you go? When you're lost and in need of Google Maps, 3G might be your saviour.

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