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  1. sigsoldboy

    sigsoldboy New Member

    anyone know of a decent app to record phone calls ?

  2. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    Their is any decent apps to record calls but their is one that sort of works called recordroid and it's free.

    I wish google would have the option by default :)
  3. sigsoldboy

    sigsoldboy New Member

    Do u know if this records the other person also, the voice on the line ? Heard it only records ur voice
  4. Carl C

    Carl C Well-Known Member

    I've used it and it does but the volume of the other persons voice seems to play very low. Sometimes it doesn't record calls at all...
  5. Marta

    Marta New Member

    mm...dont know about just phone calls but if u use skype u can record calls with SkypeCap.
  6. yoshx

    yoshx Member

    SkypeCap ? ? ? ? where have u heard of this :) can u link it here ?

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