Can you create playlists? Can you record the radio? Does it have a shuffle mode?General

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  1. I asked these questions on another site, but did not receive a reply.:smokingsomb:

  2. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    1) Yes
    2) Never tried; although something I recall reading says no.
    3) Cant help there as I'm not a fan of shuffle. If it doesn't you can always install any numbers of music players that have shuffle.
  3. dumbth

    dumbth Member

    It has shuffle, which i always use. I also use mortplayer music app, which only plays music from a specific folder (of folders). With studiokuma app i can make that folder invisable to the stock music scanner, which not only speeds up scanning, but lets the 2 players specialize in completely seperate music areas.
  4. mars rover

    mars rover New Member

    I am extremely new to mine, but It does have shuffle. It is the thing that looks like a criss-cross . It is a strange symbol, and not intuitive. Neither is the "non-shuffle symbol".

    ----------\ /-------->
    ----------/ \------->
  5. brosko

    brosko Well-Known Member

    Cant record the radio as far as I know
  6. trouts2

    trouts2 New Member

    This might seem like a lame response as it's not a direct answer.
    You can modify a playlist to play in any order so shuffle a group of songs randomly by hand (finger swipe). In playlist mode, Menu, the Change order. A press on the arrows allows grading of that song anywhere in the list so dragging and dropping randomly would give a "1 shuffle playback". Being not the usual 1 to x playthrough you could probably listen to the psudo shuffle several times before you could anticipate which songs were next then do another shuffle for another batch of plays.

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