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  1. jimyjoebob

    jimyjoebob Member

    So randomly after the update, may be coincidence, people cannot hear me while talking on the phone. I am new to android so I am not sure of everything to check. Anyone have this happen or might now where to check for reasons for this happening?

  2. lucky_lindy

    lucky_lindy New Member

    Same here. Happened all day today. To clarify, I am in a 3g area and usually roam off of a Verizon tower. However, I have had no problems before around 11 this morning, central time. When I called my house, my husband said I sounded like a kidnapper with a electronic voice disguiser and couldn't understand a damn thing I said. My brother called repeatedly and said he couldn't understand me at all, and I sounded like Voltron.
    I'm not calling Sprint until the morning, but I am not pleased.
  3. cr74mz

    cr74mz Member

    Does it happen every time?
    Can they not hear you at all? or are they barely able to hear you?
    Phone settings are under Call in the settings menu, but if the person on the other end is getting poor quality, that sounds like it's deeper than anything you'd be able to check from the default menu options.

    Also, are you accidentally hitting the mute button? (It's the microphone with the slash through it.)
  4. jimyjoebob

    jimyjoebob Member

    It happens everytime I am on the phone with someone. Whether it be from a cell phone or a landline. They cannot hear a thing I say but sometimes if I put my mouth to the mic and pretty much yell, they can barely hear me.
  5. jimyjoebob

    jimyjoebob Member

    Maybe there is something in the mic itself? any way to possibly clean it out or check it?
  6. cr74mz

    cr74mz Member

    I'm not sure. I know the microphone is the small hole to the left of the charging port, I can't imagine anything getting in there that would substantially block it. I tried covering it with my finger and I was still able to clearly be understood.

    If the update caused this, try updating your PRL, and your profile. If neither of those work, you're going to need to give sprint a call, but you might as well try a hard reset (Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset>reset phone)
  7. jimyjoebob

    jimyjoebob Member

    I also tried to do a Google search by talking into the phone but it didn't pick up any sounds. This makes me think that there is a problem with my mic. Any suggestions?
  8. kamikazekyle

    kamikazekyle Well-Known Member

    I was talking with my girlfriend last night using an Ant bluetooth earpiece, and she seemed to be having a harder time than normal hearing me. She heard my cat meowing down the hallway loud and clear, however, so I'm thinking the two probably aren't related.
  9. Sketchr

    Sketchr VIP Member VIP Member

    No problems actually hearing or the person on the other end hearing me, but since the update I have a static issue. I'm hearing static/hissing both on outgoing and incoming calls in various locations. No problem with this before the update. And, everything else with the phone works great...so this sucks.
  10. junkdna

    junkdna Member

    This may have been happening before the update without you realizing it. After Monday's update, my signal strength has been erratic. I used to get 5/6 of 6 bars at my house. Now I get between 0 and 6 bars depending where I am in my house. I also used to get 6 bars outside of my house without question, now its averaging 3-6.

    I do not believe this is a problem with the update, I just think they fixed the Signal Strength indicator to be more accurate.

    I could be completely wrong and full of iPoo.
  11. lucky_lindy

    lucky_lindy New Member

    Mine was better this morning.

    My voice apps all worked when the problem was at its worst, so I don't think it was my mic. However, NOW callers say I sound like I am on a walkie talkie, but at least they understand the words I say. I can hear THEM much now that I activated the hard of hearing option (which I am not). Still annoyed.
  12. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    If you're having THIS many problems, you got a lemon of a phone. Take it back.
  13. jimyjoebob

    jimyjoebob Member

    this is the only problem I have is with the mic not working, anyone know of a way to maybe open it or something to check for something small inside? I just think something got inside because it only picks up my voice when i put my mouth to it and yell. I wanna see what i can do before bringing it to sprint and being without a phone for who knows how long. Using a bluetooth headset for now to talk on it.

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