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Can you use a Metropcs admire on straight talk?General

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  1. Megalomando

    Megalomando Active Member

    When I bought the Metro Admire several months ago, it seemed to work fairly well inside the house but recently it's gotten to the point I have to walk outside the house to talk though I can still text inside. This is not acceptable. I'm wondering if Straight Talk can use my Admire so I don't have to buy another android phone.

    There's no 3G anywhere around here though I know this does get 3G as I got it on the phone around Orlando a month ago. Perhaps the metro "4G" phones would work in the house but that's a whole lot more money assuming it works inside.

    Anyone have any knowledge of this?


  2. super squirrel

    super squirrel Well-Known Member

    Hello Megalomando, the Samsung Admire is a CDMA phone (meaning that it does not use a SIM card); Straight Talk uses GSM phones (which is the international standard and uses SIM cards), so that means that the Admire is not compatible. If you prefer a cheap 4G phone on Metro PCS then get the Huawei Activa 4G which is basically our phone but with 4G and a 5MP camera, it costs:$150 + tax. But if you have a lot of money to spend then get the LG Connect 4G which has a dual-core processor, front-camera, 5MP camera, 4-inch screen, it costs: $250 + tax.

    Sorry if this is a lot.
  3. WeekiAj

    WeekiAj Active Member

    sorry , but super squirrel your info is wrong

    straight talk uses CDMA & GSM

    There ARE ways to get it working if you look for them

    Straight Talk Androids uses SPRINT service
    Some of the flip phones use VERIZON service , just have to check the box an it will say CDMA-S / CDMA-V or GSM ...

    SOMETIMES PAGEPLUS (VERIZON BASED SERVICE) will add a admire ESN , but you have to work to get the internet to work ... it does make calls & text without any modifications
  4. 20GT

    20GT Well-Known Member

    what about the metro pcs lg motion 4g
    it has a sim card, will it convert over to straight talk?
  5. unicyclist

    unicyclist Well-Known Member

    That card is only for 4G, not for voice service. Any phones used with Metro are CDMA, and do NOT use a SIM card for voice or non-4G data (even though the card says Micro SIM).

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