Cannot find feature that was in The Galaxy S (3G)Support

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  1. Cypris

    Cypris New Member

    Up until recently, i owned a Galaxy S, which i lost just over a week ago. Luckily i had insurance on the device so i was able to get it replaced, but the 3G version was discontinued so i was sent the Galaxy S 4G. On my old one, i had the ability to Slide my finger downward from the middle of the screen and it would launch the applications list. I remember it being configurable.. i just dont remember where the hell the option is, and every search result on the net is referencing "the action to open notifications and quick settings". I dont believe that i downloaded an app for this feature as i remember that i found this feature accidentally. can someone point me in the right direction?

  2. ROMVS

    ROMVS Member

    Try swipepad, you should be able to choose where you start swiping from. Btw, I haven't found one that starts in the middle of the screen. If you find one, let me know too.

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