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Can't add Contacts to Groups - Can u help please?Support

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  1. AngeTheHippy

    AngeTheHippy Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm an Android 'Virgin' and only just getting to grips with how my Ace works. I can't though, add any contacts to Groups! I'm using the sim from my previous phone and that has my contacts on. How do I get the info into Groups/Family (as an example) please?


  2. AngeTheHippy

    AngeTheHippy Member

    Not to worry! I've managed to suss it for myself.

    Thank you for
    all your help........

  3. rsaurabh2003

    rsaurabh2003 Well-Known Member

    How did u manage?
  4. DaniS22

    DaniS22 New Member

    I don't know how to add my existing contacts to a group!!! Anyone know how?
  5. jacciep

    jacciep New Member

    I can't view any of the answers about group contacts on this thread. Can somebody plz help???
    I can create a new group on the samsung galaxy ace but cannot transfer my contacts to this group. Any ideas??
    Many thanks
  6. louisa

    louisa New Member


    care to share???
  7. SashiX

    SashiX Well-Known Member

    Very simple: create a group, open it, left button --> add member, then select all members you want to add to that group.
  8. jacciep

    jacciep New Member

    When i try to add members it says i have no contacts???

    Also u have 19 replies to this post taht are prob useful as well but i can't view them. Any ideas
  9. jules6

    jules6 New Member

    Yep I am having the same trouble, any one sorted it yet :< !!!!!
  10. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    If you guys are using Google Contacts on your phone, those groups can only be edited and added on your browser on Google Contacts site. If you try to create a group on your phone, it will only detect Phone Contacts and NOT Google Contacts.
  11. Usman_syeds

    Usman_syeds New Member

    copy all your sim contacts to phone memory first then

    -> contacts -> groups -> + add members.....
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  12. s65w

    s65w New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I to Like Ange, am a "virgin" android user I have the Galaxy Ace as well and have the same issue, can anyone help please?::eek:

  13. s65w

    s65w New Member

    Any luck getting an answer
  14. lburgess

    lburgess New Member

    I finally figured this out..even the user manual online didnt help!

    just touch the contact on screen til it vibrates then in the pop up screen select add to group..it then brings up a list of thegroups for you to select.

    hope this helpsxx
  15. Yeshawk

    Yeshawk New Member

    I get the vibration and pop-up, but add to group isn't offered on the list.:(
  16. dazzler44

    dazzler44 New Member

    You need to import contacts from the sim to the phone. Once this is done you can then add contacts to groups.
    You should have two contacts for each person, the phone memory contact and the sim memory contact.
    You can only add contacts iinto groups from phones contact list not the sim contacts list.
  17. bigbaldbloke

    bigbaldbloke Well-Known Member

    The (almost definite) reason that people are having problems is that they're saving their contacts as Google ones, rather than phone ones. Not their fault, there's a default setting that's likely to be doing it for them.

    If your contacts are Google ones then, as said above, you can add them to Google groups through your Gmail account on the PC. But you can't add them to the phone's preset groups. The only way that you'll manage that is to change every contact to be a phone one (easiest way that I've found is to export them all to SD card, delete all from the phone, then import from SD card, choosing to save them as phone contacts when asked).

    Obviously, to prevent future problems, if you're going to do this you also need to change the default setting to Phone. This can be found in Contacts, More, Settings, "Save new contacts to".

    Having said that, my personal preference is to keep them as Google contacts & use Google's grouping, so that they sync with my Outlook contacts.
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  18. jgriff927

    jgriff927 New Member

    I had the same issue on the Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich and have been going nuts trying to figure it out. This info helped except I had to dig to figure out the actual process. Here's how I got it to work.

    Yes, you do need to transfer the phone contacts. I went to my contacts list and hit the settings button and selected Import/Export. I then selected Export to storage. Waited a second... then went over to the Groups page.

    Again, after hitting the settings button I selected Import/Export - Import from storage.

    Now I can type a contact's name into a group in the edit mode and it pops up!

    Strange work around, but it worked for me.

    Hope it helps.
  19. SIH

    SIH New Member

    coming from nokia e51 to Sony xperia android. I feel that xperia or android people are simply senseless and stupid. They forgot to put in contact groups. Go sms/expandable app that i installed forgot to have a search feature to select contacts. I believe these people started making apps without a thorough study of requirements.
  20. socrates0

    socrates0 Well-Known Member

    Huh I have been using a galaxy Ace for a few months now with 2.3.6 & I can create groups. Its part of the default s/w.
  21. adam79

    adam79 Member

    I'm having the same problem as everyone else. I have some Google contacts and some T-Mobile contacts (which I assume is a phone contact). When the menu for the contact pops up the options are different for google vs t-mobile, but neither has any group option.

    When adding groups to Google contacts online, can you configure them (i.e. specific ringtones per groups, only ring for a certain group, etc.)?

    I did notice that you can add contacts to Favorites. Is there a setting on the phone to only pick up calls that are listed as favorites, or do you need groups for that?

    Also, I've noticed that people have recommended the "People" App. When I went to the Google Market the only People app I found was called "People Widget" There was a People app, but it was listed under Music, so I figured that wasn't the one y'all are referring to.

  22. jaydane

    jaydane New Member

    You must ensure that the contacts you want to add to your group are stored on the phone memory and NOT sim card. If they are not on the phone you must copy them to the phone memory.

    Go to contacts, left menu, choose Import/export then choose the " import from sim card " Add the contacts you want to copy to the phone memory. Once this is done go to the group and click left menu and add contacts and you will now be able to choose the ones you want in your group.

    Hope this will help u guys who have problems with this.

    J ;)
  23. adam79

    adam79 Member

    I have the contacts on my phone memory. The problem I am having is that there is no "group" option on any menu in contacts.
  24. gremreeper1967

    gremreeper1967 New Member

    After trying to get this to work, I now have FOUR listings for each of my contacts and still can not get the groups to work.

    My first priority is to reduce the number of duplications of each contact. HOW?

    Second, how do you get the groups to work on the Galaxy Nexus?
  25. moabster

    moabster New Member

    I've got the same problem, I'm at my wits end with this phone......... simple operations on any other phone I've ever had, are impossible on the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

    Today I had a work colleague call me on his mobile as I wanted to save the number as a new contact....... after 30 minutes "faffing about" I managed to add his name to the number and add ( I thought) a new contact to my contacts list........ guess what, the new contact is nowhere to be seen.

    I wish I had my old phone back.

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