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Can't call out on VM Phones - anyone else?

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  1. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    For the last week, I've been going in circles with Customer Support, trying to fix this problem. We have a Victory, a Rise, and an Elite, and in/around my hometown, none of the phones can make an outgoing call. Once dialed, the phone seems to complete the call, but hangs on "dead air" instead and never rings through. Nine miles down the road in another town, there is no problem. Data is fine and incoming calls are working, but voicemail is delayed as well.

    Virgin Mobile insists there is no network issue in my area, and has sent me through all the standard troubleshooting steps. Now, after telling me to do a factory reset on all three phones, they're asking for specific dates/times of calls that didn't go through. I realize they're trying to help, but... really??

    It seems obviously to be location-related, since it's all our phones and going to a different location solves the problem. I guess I'm wondering if anyone else is having similar problems, and if anyone has had success getting Virgin Mobile to fix a problem like this? I'm usually pretty patient, and realistic in my expectations for a budget phone service, but this is getting really aggravating!

  2. mrnyjet

    mrnyjet Well-Known Member

    i had s similar problem last fall and i switched back to old phone/net10 for six months. Only after i heard and confirmed that upgrades on two towers about 10 miles away were done did i pull out old phone, dial 611, get a message about unable to complete call ( voice was clear and no call drop plus two bars consistently) did i reactivate vm phone. btw, problem was on two different brands of phones. They worked fine everywhere else in the county except the village where i live. It is the towers, not the phones!
  3. aml1025

    aml1025 Well-Known Member

    After jumping through hoops, doing resets and reactivations, and waiting for Tech Support calls, I was FINALLY informed today that there are multiple tower upgrades and an outage in my area. Really loving the timely communication, here...

    But yes; you're right and I knew it too, even beforehand - it's absolutely the towers. Thanks for the confirmation and I only wish Virgin Mobile had been able to tell me a week and a half ago. Good thing I still have a landline at home.
  4. AnciusD

    AnciusD Well-Known Member

    I posted on the Sprint customer forum when I had issues with my TruConnect/Internet on the Go Hotspot (they also use Sprint's network), and they quickly confirmed tower servicing in my neighborhood. It was more informative than the CS at TruConnect. This might come in handy for other VM users in the future:

    Sprint Community: Space: Network and Coverage
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