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  1. Herperjosh

    Herperjosh New Member

    I got and htc sensation xl for christmass and am having trouble with getting gameloft and EA apps on it. i want to get modern combat 3 but it says its not compatable with my phone i can't find it on the market on my phone i can only find it on my pc but when i emailed game loft about it they say my phone is compatable with this game. same storey with EA . Anyone had this problem?
    Vodafone HTC HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio X315b

  2. rhedgehog

    rhedgehog New Member

    I've had the same issue.

    Best thing to do is to root, and then edit the build.prop to show it as a sensation XE or something.

    XDA-devs will show you the way...
  3. mazher

    mazher New Member


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