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  1. akosiiggy

    akosiiggy New Member

    pls help me with my samsung galaxy y sms problem is when im txting with friends..i cant recieve sms after a couple of txts..but when i check my "manage sim card sms" i only got few txts on it..when i restart my phone it becames sim card memory full..then after deleting sim card sms thats the time ill recieve my incoming messages..then problem keeps coming again and there a way i can save sms to internal phone memory and not on the sim card?pls help me on this.its my problem for a month now :(

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  2. leninpcom

    leninpcom New Member

    Same problem here
  3. leninpcom

    leninpcom New Member

    Pls help us
  4. aldin30

    aldin30 New Member

    yep same here
  5. alianor96

    alianor96 New Member

    same problem...any help form the genius bunch?

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