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cant see intel pro wireless WNA (Browse All)

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  1. Oghma

    Oghma New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 12, 2010
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    I want to connect my HTC desire to a wireless hotspot provided by my wireless network adapter (intel pro wireless 3945 ABG) on my notebook. I googled for some program which can provide this for me and found Connectify, small program not very hard to use. I install it on OS Windows 7 32-bit, followed all instructions and everything went fine. When I try to search for a hotspot (named it Connectify-me) Desire actually cant see it. Also tried to connect Nokia 5800 to the same hotspot and everything went fine.
    Next day I tried to make hotspot with the same program but on the other WNA (my girlfriends notebook) and actually i made a connection without problems.
    My assumption is that there is some incompatibility with my WNA and Desire. Also i need to mention that on the site of the program Connectify stands that my WNA is not fully supported which means it cant act as Access Point just as a HotSpot which is not the problem for me cause im using separate internet connection over LAN.
    If anyone had the same problem or know the solution, plz help.
    Also it would be helpfull to tell me some other way or program that can do the same job as the above mentioned one.

    P.S. Latest version of drivers is downloaded and installed from Intel site


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