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Cases And screen protectorsTips

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  1. james391

    james391 Well-Known Member

  2. elgecko

    elgecko Well-Known Member

  3. VariantVT

    VariantVT Active Member

    I just got those same screen protectors (AM brand, I think from BargainCell on Amazon. They fit/feel pretty well.

    Case options seem pretty limited right now. I'm not a fan of the snap together two piece cases, it just seems too easy to break a tab if need to take it off/on to get to the battery/SD card or whatever, but that's just my opinion. I ordered a Technocell rubberized case from Amazon also, but it's still out of stock. I'd link it but I'm too noob still.

    Hopefully we'll get some more options soon.
  4. TX-Dennis

    TX-Dennis Well-Known Member

  5. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    The Elite is only just a tad larger than my iPhone 3G. I have some cases from my iPhone that it almost fits into.

    I too would love to see an otterbox defender (but would settle for a commuter). Hopefully since the Elite is on Sprint as well as VMUSA (and hopefully others soon) that Otterbox will design one for us.
  6. salvy512

    salvy512 Well-Known Member

  7. VariantVT

    VariantVT Active Member

    One thing is for sure, this phone needs a case, IMO. The hard plastic backside is super slippery!
  8. salvy512

    salvy512 Well-Known Member

    SOO true, I cracked the screen the first day I used it. was able to get a new one but the will of the androidian gods, but was ready to explode.
  9. caspian915

    caspian915 Well-Known Member

    I noticed the Zagg InvisibleShield at Best Buy yesterday when I went to buy the Elite. Obviously there isn't one for the Elite yet, but does anyone know of another model that would be close enough to use? Seems like a really great screen protector.
  10. michealbond

    michealbond Member

    There's a free screen protector on the phone, just clip the small plastic tab on the top of phone that is normally meant to be used to peel off the plastic film. Works very well, very responsive!
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  11. caspian915

    caspian915 Well-Known Member

    I've often done that initially, but my experience has been that dust easily migrates under it over time. However, in this case, it pulled back soon after I bought it and wasn't going to stay, so that's unfortunately not an option.
  12. VariantVT

    VariantVT Active Member

    Just posted my review of this case on Amazon. I'm pretty satisfied overall, considering there aren't too many options out there right now.
  13. caspian915

    caspian915 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the link. Is that a hard case? My experience with hard shell cases is that if the phone drops from a certain height, the case doesn't protect from shattering the screen since there's no bounce or give, whereas silicone/rubber let's it bounce a little.
  14. VariantVT

    VariantVT Active Member

    The clear back is hard plastic and still kind of slippery on hard surfaces but the black surround is sort of a hard rubber that has a bit more grip. One thing I like is it's a one piece case and it fits really snugly, so you know it's not going to fly apart if you do drop it.
  15. dobbs69

    dobbs69 Well-Known Member

    That's what I did. It works great
  16. Zx5

    Zx5 Well-Known Member

    Hi all...

    Just got the Elite and ordered a case from ebay; 2 plastic pieces and a 3rd silicon rubber piece on the outside.

    After I put it on, I thought it was really cool case. Nice and secure, came off easily and put it back together...

    The second time going to take the case apart was almost impossible. Something was stuck and the more I tried to pry it open, the more the phone would get wedged in the case. The phone was in a position where if I tried to force the case open, the phone was going to break.

    The case didn't come with a pry tool, but I ended using a guitar pick to increase the spacing and finally get it off. After, I noticed the skin on my fingers was ripped up, fingertips numb and my fingernails damaged.

    It was really frightening for a bit there and I caution if anyone considers getting one of these 2 piece plastic cases. Apparently, if you set one of the corners wrong, this may happen.

    The case is definitely going back and will be getting a one piece case where I can just pop the phone out.
  17. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    I just bought 3 screen protector and a hard carbon fiber case off Ebay :)
  18. TX-Dennis

    TX-Dennis Well-Known Member

    Just a quick review on this soft case. It fits really well and gives the phone a bit more grip. I don't know how much protection it would be in a drop, but it's definitely better than naked. For $8 and change shipped it's not bad at all. All the openings line up perfectly, and it has a nice snug fit. I still want an otterbox, though.
  19. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    Hello all, just got my case today from ebay, thought you guys might be interested in this, this is a sprint lg optimus elite case, it fits the virgin mobile version perfectly :)


  20. bobloadmire

    bobloadmire Well-Known Member

  21. VariantVT

    VariantVT Active Member

    Mine installed. I'm pretty happy with it so far, minimalist, sturdy, fits well. Last I looked on amazon the black was out of stock again, but there may have been other colors available.

    Hard rubber around the edges, just flexible enough to fit it around the phone.

    Hard, clear plastic back with an embossed pattern.
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  22. james391

    james391 Well-Known Member

  23. VariantVT

    VariantVT Active Member

    The pics I just posted are of the Technocel case. It's not flimsy, but it's not soft rubber either. I like it fwiw.
  24. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    [humor]Well according to the package it is a quality accessory...[/humor]

    I have a Sprint LG Elite case for mine too. It is a Ventev, picked it up at the local sprint kiosk in the mall. It is harder than a silicone case, but still soft and pliable. It is slick, but doesn't feel like the device is going to fly out of my hand if I draw it from my pocket too fast. It was about $20.

    I'll post pictures at some point.
  25. Android311

    Android311 Well-Known Member

    nice case! I like the back design

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