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[CDMA] EVO 3D Kernel Problem

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  1. Gdub420

    Gdub420 Member

    Hey guys i really need some help here. I have a HTC EVO 3d on 2.89.651.2 HBOOT 1.58 s-on but bootloader ***UNLOCKED*** I am able to flash roms and kernels without any problems. I updated my rom last night to Cool-ICS-v10-EvoC sucessfully. I woke up this morning still wanting to mess with it so i decided to flash a new kernel... sadly i havent got my phone to do anything at all after that. All i can do is boot into bootloader and recovery and i use TWRP never made a back up. So now when i reboot the phone in its normal state i am stuck on the white HTC screen. The kernel i flashed was silverneedle-test5. Is there any way to extract the kernel out of Cool ICS rom and go back to the kernel thats in that rom? I also tried the RUU SHOOTER 2.89.615.2 with no success it gets to the update then fails...tells me to do a restore. Please help me i am stumped here!!! Thanks for your time and help!!

  2. Hockey16

    Hockey16 Active Member

    It's probably incompatible to the 1.58 hboot, which is causing you problems.
  3. devov

    devov Well-Known Member

    First try to go into fastboot and install the "SuperUser Patch Zip" then reboot. If still stuck try this (if you haven't already):
    Full wipe (everything) and install The Stock Rom for the device through fastboot and the SuperUser Patch then reboot. Good Luck:D:D
  4. Gdub420

    Gdub420 Member

    I actually fixed this myself. I downloaded MeanROM-ICS-v26-E3D and was able to sucessfully extract the 2.89 kernel from it. Then i flashed it in recovery, rebooted and walla problem solved. Thanks to the people who replied! greatly appreciated! Oh and here is a link to the 2.89 kernel that i used... 2.89-kernel-requires-hboot-1.58-s-off.zip
  5. xshadowxec

    xshadowxec New Member

    Hey I was just wondering this zip say s-off in it so do I have to be s off or can I be s on ? And can I use this zip as a replacement to roms I can't use because of them having over clocked kernels?

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