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  1. oaklane

    oaklane Well-Known Member

    Before I do the system update I wanted to changed my "phone" contacts to google. I read on here yesterday that you should do that but I can't find the thread. How do I change the few that say phone?

  2. MirrorriM

    MirrorriM Member

    I wish there was an easy way in the phone to do this. I've searched for a solution and the best and simplest I've found for only a few conversions from phone to google is to add them in your contacts. Then sync and delete the old ones on the phone.

    If you have a lot of people that need to be converted to google contacts, I believe you can find an option to export the contacts to your sd card, then reimport them, and it gives the option of making them google contacts. However this will duplicate everything and I dont remember the exact way to get rid of the duplicates all at once. Search forums and you'll find it.
  3. Jmtegra

    Jmtegra Well-Known Member

    This is what i had to do, pain in the arse but it worked.. Had to delete duplicates one by one.. Oh well.
  4. jsuh

    jsuh Well-Known Member

    I have 900+ contacts I had to transfer and backup, and I was able to do it without problems. Reminder: Google has "Remove/Merge Duplicates" feature.

    Directions for both Cupcake (1.5) and Eclair (2.1).

    1. Turn off Google Sync for Contacts for the time being (If you have it on).
    2. Go to People > Click Menu > Import/Export > Export to SD Card.
      (IF YOU ARE RUNNING 1.5:, Download "exportcontacts" by rishi srivatsaval from the Market and use that program to export contacts to your SD card)
    3. Mount your Eris to your computer and copy the exported contacts file to your computer.
    4. Go to Google Contacts ( > Contacts > Export and export all your Google contacts. (As backup)
    5. Delete all your contacts on your phone.
    6. Go back to Google Contacts and import your phone contacts.
    7. After you import them, you should see on the right iFrame a "Find duplicates" feature. Run it, do what you need to do to remove or merge duplicates.
    8. Turn your Google Sync for Contacts back on your phone and sync!
    If you got any other questions, I'd be more than happy to help.
  5. dragonbro

    dragonbro Well-Known Member

    Nice tip! This should get put in a "sticky" section!
  6. joe a

    joe a Member

    Step 1 was ok- turn off sync- Step 2 went to people on the phone -clicked menu but it does not say Import/export. Only selections are Add contact,search,delete,view and Sync exch. Help please
  7. jsuh

    jsuh Well-Known Member

    Download the app from the market "exportcontacts" by rishi srivatsaval. That program will export your contacts to your SD card.
  8. ebsoria

    ebsoria New Member

    So... after ending a call and letting the screen turn itself off, my message light flashed, so I pressed the "end" button to get into the phone and I was greeted with a backlit black screen with a green line running down the side from top to bottom. I called Verizon and they pretty much said I was screwed.

    Well... I have TEC insurance so a new phone is being sent and I should recieve it tomorrow. My problem is this... I never used the required gmail account and never backed up my contacts. I cannot get "into" the phone to mount to my computer(not certain that's even help at all) since I cannot see the screen. All I can do is answer when someone calls, and even then it's like the good 'o days where there's no caller id and I get surprised by who's calling.

    The point of all of this is this... am I screwed when it comes to my contacts? Any ideas? I'm not worried about my aps. I wasn't using the phone to it's max potential, so I can get back all the ones I used.

    Any help is appreciated. Even if it is to confim I'm screwed and need to charge my old Voyager and manually punch in all my contacts.

    Thanks all!!
  9. VonKannick

    VonKannick Well-Known Member

    I kind of doubt you can get back all your contacts from the Eris, but why not charge the Voyager then take it and the new Eris to a Verizon store and have them transfer the contacts for you?
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  10. ebsoria

    ebsoria New Member

    Haw dang! That didn't even occur to me!!!!!!! I got the impression when I first aquired the Eris that they couldn't do that between those two phones. But, if it's possible.... it'll save a TON of time.

  11. ebsoria

    ebsoria New Member

    I wonder.... think they're able to transfer contacts from the broken Eris to the new Eris the way they'd do it from the Voyager to the new Eris? Or would they need to get into the broken one by being able to see the screen?
  12. DroidJW

    DroidJW Well-Known Member

    Have two friends who both had old Samsung flip phones before the Eris. Verizon transferred their contacts, in-store, after Eris activation. VZW has a machine (think its called the CellBrite) -- they connect both phones and the Cellbrite transfers the contacts.

    NOTE -- Contacts will transfer as "phone" contacts, so unless you export to Google and convert to Google contacts, you will be as risk of losing again.
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  13. JackButler

    JackButler Well-Known Member

    IF I export to SD card, will contact icons/pictures be intact or lost? No facebook useage, so that isn't an option.
  14. ebsoria

    ebsoria New Member

    Sweet. Thanks!

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