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Changing SD CardSupport

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  1. philco

    philco Member


    A couple of similar posts to this came up when I put in the title but I didn't see anything conclusive.

    In my rooted phone I have a 4gb SD card ... which is pretty full. My stock phone has an 8gb card in. I plan to sell the stock phone but want to swap the SD cards over.

    Question. Can I format the 8GB card and then copy the contents of the 4GB card straight to it and then put it back in my rooted phone and expect everything to work normally??

    Happy days if I can. I'll then format the 4GB SD card and sell it with the phone.


  2. johncf

    johncf Well-Known Member

    you can indeed, thats what i did moving from 8 to s16gb.

    when you copy everything over, make sure in folder settings you have show hidden files selected to make sure your copying everything.

    worked for me, i canni promise it will for you though.

    could you not do a full back up to be safe.

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