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  1. Birdman2004

    Birdman2004 Well-Known Member

    Just got my X @ 12:01 this morning at a midnight release in Roanoke, Va :D needless to say I'm stoked! :D

    But, I got into the office this morning and tried plugging it into my laptop to charge via the USB cable and it didn't work?

    Any suggestions?:confused:

  2. Airmaxx23

    Airmaxx23 Well-Known Member

    Have you killed any tasks? If you killed USB it won't know that it's plugged in.
  3. pdk

    pdk Member

    Mine was doing the same thing and wouldn't connect via USB. I was looking around and under settings, application setting there's a Development tab. In there make sure the USB Debugging is NOT checked. As soon as I unchecked that, it started charging and pc recognized "motoral" device....
  4. Emosa

    Emosa New Member

    Thank you sooooo much :D I've been sitting here on my computer for 1+ hour installing various motorola drives, and little did I know that I'd killed the USB! You sir, have saved me from crawling the web the rest of the night!

    The Droid X is my first droid phone, and I'm liking it very much. I hated living in Apple's walled garden and this phone is so refreshing :p

    Well, that was an awesome first post:cool:
  5. epsteing

    epsteing New Member

    If the Droid X has USB Debugging turned on the battery will not charge from USB power. Turning that Developer mode option off resumes charging.

    Settings --> Applications --> Development --> USB debugging
  6. Paycer

    Paycer Well-Known Member

    1.) Bump? :p
    2.) I don't think that's true. Your device should still charge while plugged into a USB outlet, even if USB Debugging is enabled. If it doesn't, then something is probably wrong with your phone or your cable. It's this way for even my LG Ally.
  7. jamo

    jamo Well-Known Member

    My recommendation is to get rid of the task killer. They're just a waste of time and effort; Android works fine without them. I've never used one, not with my Droid and not with my X; they're just superfluous, and, as you can see, can just mess things up.
  8. dookie1

    dookie1 Well-Known Member

    this is not my experience. i've been rooted for a couple weeks and am still adjusting things, so USB debug is always on. the phone definitely charges (slowly) via USB.

    one note re: USB order to be a good USB neighbor, the X limits itself to 500mA current draw when it sees a true USB connection (check settings / about / status / battery...charging (usb) vs charging (ac)). if you are running any radios, or even the screen, 500mA is barely a trickle. many 'USB' chargers game the system and will indicate AC, but a USB port connection to a PC definitely will not.

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