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China and the iPhone are not looking too good.

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  1. Robfactory

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    Sep 24, 2009
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    It seems odd that China doesn’t like things that are completely controlled. Apple’s iPhone 3Gs has only 5,000 subscribers according to Chinese provider, China Unicom.

    To observers the phone’s high price, $1025, is the major factor why consumers aren’t buying into the “i” philosophy.

    Another reason is Apple’s unwillingness to enter the Chinese mobile phone market until now. However, people have found a way around this. China’s “grey market” has managed to come out with iPhone look-a-likes that have filled the void for A LOT less than the iPhone.

    To compare numbers, AT&T’s had 146,000 subscribers its first week.
    Things aren’t exactly looking that great for China Unicom and the iPhone.


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