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  1. stimulatedboredom

    stimulatedboredom Active Member

    What happens if I hit 'clear data' on my mail app? I assume I may lose the accounts I have set up and may have to input the info again, however will it also free up space? Will it delete all my POP account settings / mail accounts? Is it just a matter of reentering that info, but it frees up other space?

    When clearing cache's in my applications, I have noticed my mail program using up more and more space. Currently it is showing about 15 MB. Not the cache, I know how to clear that, but the data, even though the app itself says it's 12.00 KB, 'other data' shows 14+ MB used.

    I clear my inbox often (I use POP), I even go to my trash, sent etc folders and permanently delete all items I have trashed / sent. I also use Astro to clear out images downloaded and stored from emails in the .mail folder. Yet, the mail app by far is taking up the most space when I manage my applications.

    I don't have a huge amount of apps downloaded, but a good amount. I recall when I had over 80 MB of space and can't image that apps that are less than 1 MB could drop me to the 45 MB I currently show after I clear all the caches.

    Would love some advice / tips from someone who knows about the mail app, or ways to clear more space. I have deleted some apps, but it doesn't seem to make a dent, which leads me to assume installing them also doesn't make that big of a dent either. I maybe have 30 apps.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

  2. stimulatedboredom

    stimulatedboredom Active Member

    * Bump *

    Anyone know what gets cleared when you choose 'clear data' in mail app?

    I know under the dictionary, clearing data only deletes words you've saved that the dictionary didn't recognize. Is doing the same for mail app just as benign?
  3. Yoeword

    Yoeword New Member

    same problem with eris, after 2.1 update I can't clear mail data what gives

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