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  1. EKG

    EKG Well-Known Member

    What up I got my college email account today, and I want to sync it to my phone. My college uses Gmail for the email accounts, but instead of it being, it is @[college name].edu ... so how would I go about adding this to my phone since it is gmail without a

  2. Exiled

    Exiled Well-Known Member

    Mine is exactly the same way. What I did was set up my school account to sync with my regular gmail account (not forwarding, but under accounts and imports POP3). You can sync all your email through gmail, then set it up just the one account with the phone. I like to have only one address to check, so this works for me personally. Unfortunately I dont know how to do this via separate accounts.
  3. kav92

    kav92 Member

    If you have a traditional gmail account, you can auto forward all of you college mail to it.
  4. EKG

    EKG Well-Known Member

    The only problem with that though is that I like to see who the message came from..when it gets forwarded it shows it as coming from my email address...
  5. Exiled

    Exiled Well-Known Member

    It can be rather difficult to set up your school email because of the @[school name].edu, and can be even more difficult if your password is also used for other school related stuff.

    Here's the instructions for my school. I followed these and it worked well. Try this, omitting the UC Davis stuff and subbing in your college. You may be able to skip the first step.
    IET: IT Express Knowledge Base
    For step #3, choose IMAP, not POP.

    Also try this...
  6. c4pt x

    c4pt x Member

    i am also trying to sync my email account but using hotmail instead. does that make a difference?
  7. ahl91

    ahl91 Member

    If you use gmail's tool in Settings for it, it doesnt act as a forwarded message. It's more like your Gmail gains the ability to send and receive messages as if it WERE your school email. Then you can make any emails that come from it get auto-tagged so you can immediately recognize them.
  8. slay65

    slay65 Active Member

    My work uses GMAIL but the email address is (no I was albe to set this up by doing.

    1) Settings->Accounts->Add account->GOOGLE
    2) using as the username and my work password.
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  9. EKG

    EKG Well-Known Member

    This worked. Thank you!!
  10. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I was a little worried because my wife is in the same situation and I wasn't positive that all of her contacts/etc would sync.
  11. wreed

    wreed Active Member

    you could also set it up as (exchange)
  12. j00j00bee

    j00j00bee New Member

    Hey! So I am really sick of people saying "just forward it to another email" blah blah blah. We know that. We clearly do NOT want to forward it.

    I am not sure how it works for your school, but for mine, this worked:
    Motorola Droid 2 IMAP (Cyrus) Email

    1. Select email
    2. Tap the menu key
    3. Select Manage Accounts
    4. Tap on Email
    5. Select Add Account
    6. Select Email
    7. Enter your email address and password
    8. Select Next
    9. Set up manually
      1. Select Incoming Server
      2. From the drop down menu select IMAP mail server
      3. Server :
      4. Username: YOUREMAIL (remove the
      5. Tap on Advanced Settings
      6. Port: 993
      7. Check use secure connection
      8. Use secure password (TLS): Auto
      9. Uncheck verify certificate
      10. Tap OK
      11. Tap Ok Select Outgoing Server
      12. SMTP server :
      13. Username: YOUREMAIL (remove the
      14. Tap on Advanced Settings
      15. Port: 465
      16. Check use secure connection
      17. Use secure password (TLS): Always
      18. Authentication: Auto
      19. Uncheck verify certificate
      20. Tap OK
      21. Tap Ok
    This worked perfectly for me! And I had tried just about everything else. I go to Columbia FYI in case any other Columbia students are having the same issue.

    Good luck!
  13. Gees

    Gees New Member

    It seems that in some colleges the school allows you to sync via
    Android Settings < Accounts and Sync

    1. Just add a new account
    2. Select gmail
    3. Enter your school email and password as the gmail credentials.
    4. Make sure Gmail sync is selected on the list of Google apps to sync
    5. and Boom you should have access to your emails.

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