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Compare voice recordings and trigger a function in Android

  1. Orchestrator

    Orchestrator New Member

    Hey all,

    I got some interesting idea for a cellphone application, and since Android seems like a nice and easy platform for it, I started to code it with Android SDK.

    Anyhow, I'm looking for a solution for a main functionality in my application.

    My application need to record several voice commands from the user, and then attach each recording to a specific "command" in my application.

    Like: 1.Record a command and save it in the memory
    2. Prompt the user to say a command
    3. Compare the new command with the recorded one, if Similar, call function X, if not call function Y,

    Basically all I want is to actually imitate the function that many phones have, when you tag a phone contact with a voice recording, and then you can call that contact if you repeat his recorded name with your voice.

    All I found so far is a way-over-the-top solution with Google's voice service, which I certainly don't need and don't want.
    I don't need a fancy speech-to-text functionality, and I don't want to depend on the Internet. The API needs to be strictly local.

    Does a "voice comparison" function exist in Android SDK? If not, can I implement it without too much hassle?

    Thanks a lot!


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