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  1. njukks

    njukks New Member

    Hi guys,
    I just bought an ideos yesterday and so far i'm loving the phone. My query however is about how contact numbers are displayed. When you view a contacts number dashes ( - ) are inserted in the number for example
    072-212-3456 and I would just like them to be in this format 0722123456. Is there any setting I can change to effect this?

  2. loghmaniyan

    loghmaniyan New Member

    If anyone know, it will be great to change the format. I want to know it too.
  3. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi guys, I've got 2 Ideos U8150 and a U8800 X5 and they all show the contact numbers in sequence - no dash separation. Operation in NZ.
    Maybe this is a quirk with Australian Telcos?
    I have both local contacts and Australian entered in all phones and have just returned from a holiday in Aus. on the Sunshine Coast.
    I had 1 U8150 and the U8800 X5 and used both without problem in Qld.
    I use 2Degrees here in NZ and the phones switch to Telstra and Optus when I'm on the Sunshine Coast. All I have to do is set the Time and Zone and I'm in business.
    I can only suggest you contact your Telco's and check with them as mine seem to be all normal. Cheers Neil.;)
    ps. Both U8150's have standard Froyo 2.2 and the U8800 X5 has Gingerbread 2.3.5 Update. (Huawei Std).
    I've checked the FAQ's Manual and there doesn't seem to be any answer there.:(

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