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  1. jeselac97

    jeselac97 New Member

    I cracked the screen to my Galaxy Nexus and now all I see is the notification light flashing...what I'm worried about is if I will still be able to retrieve my information, such as pictures and accounts, if I switch to at&t? Ill be switching phone companies soon, so would I be able to get all of that information placed into my new phone? I plan to get a Samsung galaxy s5 so my google account would still be used.

  2. Tim K

    Tim K Well-Known Member Contributor

    Not sure what you mean by "accounts". If you buy a new android phone, once you log into the new phone all of your contacts will download to the new device. If you had your galaxy nexus set up to auto upload / backup your photos then they will already be stored on google.

    If not, if you plug your phone into a USB port on your computer you should be able to copy any photos you've got saved.
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  3. mruno

    mruno Well-Known Member

    Lifehacker has a good 'how to' on how to move your stuff.

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