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cricket zio 2.2.1 updateTips

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  1. dgaf98

    dgaf98 Well-Known Member

  2. rp1030

    rp1030 Member

    You are awesome!! Thanks, I didn't wanna wait for an email from zclusive's facebook page.
  3. ryfly65

    ryfly65 Member

    Just found this on the XDA site - works like a charm. Easiest update ever! Just insall the drivers (if needed), Connect your phone with your USB cord to your computer, and run the application on your computer! That's it!
  4. dgaf98

    dgaf98 Well-Known Member

    yea i posted it there too.
  5. ineedafan

    ineedafan New Member

    Didnt work for me,,,gets to 98% and quits.
  6. eviljon2384

    eviljon2384 Member

    can anyone give me an explination as to how to install this update or point me somewhere that will
  7. ineedafan

    ineedafan New Member

    Nevermind,,I finally got it to work.
  8. ineedafan

    ineedafan New Member

    Looks like they removed the download link. If you already downloaded the update then all you have to do is connect your phone to your computer and double click the exe you downloaded. Should pretty much be self expanatory.
  9. fauxfire26

    fauxfire26 Member

    I've been waiting for this update since I got my Zio and now I've missed it :'( can anyone who's already dl'd this file please re-up it? Or email me a copy? :-D

    EDIT: I found a copy but now i cant get it to install on my phone ( it wont go into download mode) ive tried it on 2 different computers ( Dell studio XPS 1640 Running Win 7 Home x64 and an acer desktop running Win XP x86 ) :'( please someone help :,(
  10. ineedafan

    ineedafan New Member

    Do you have the m6000 drivers for your phone on your computer? Make sure USB debugging is active on your phone. connect your phone to your computer and run the .exe for the update. Thats all I did to get mine updated.
  11. mickmiller78

    mickmiller78 New Member

    Email me and I will send you the update and drivers. This is for 32 BIT ONLY os's... so if you are running a 64 bit os, it wont work. BTW I installed it on my zio and everything works great except it zapped my phone book and the mybackup feature isn't working... oh well, lots o' re-entering phine numbers i guess

  12. fauxfire26

    fauxfire26 Member

    yeah i even did the m6000 driver update straight from kyocera :p it gets as far as

    STATUS: Enter Download Mode... 0%

    but my phone wont enter download mode :( Then i get the message
    ERROR: Enter Download Mode failed.

    i tried using this on my 32 bit XP acer (my win 7 lappy didn't even get as far as the status message. guess i know y now ) im not sure what im doing wrong
  13. Efan0388

    Efan0388 Member

  14. shereeweaver

    shereeweaver New Member

    k i got the update to work but it goes to 98% then....this.

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  15. PacMan73020

    PacMan73020 New Member

    Guys, I did the update directly from my phone. Simply just go to "Settings> About Phone> System or Firmware Updates> Check for Update." Make sure that you're in a WiFi area because it requires that and also that both your phone is plugged in and at least at 50% charge level.

    I did this and it went through all the way. I am loving the new update to my phone! :)
  16. webinarsity

    webinarsity New Member

    Has anyone else noticed a drop in call quality or reception since updating to the 2.2.1 version?
  17. fauxfire26

    fauxfire26 Member

    Now that u mentioned it, yes. Its been plaguing me quite often since the upgrade. Areas that usually had half signal strength now have none.

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