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  1. MattTee75

    MattTee75 New Member

    Have a Garminfone - just want to be able to customize the screen lock with "if found" info. I've seen it on Droids and I think my wife had it on her G1 forever ago.



  2. coos lick

    coos lick Well-Known Member

    Have you tried searching the market? A couple that I've seen (though not used) is ICE: in case of emergency and screen suite lockscreen. Both are paid apps. I would also have a look at the 'show us your screen' threads - you will see some cool examples of what you can do and this may give you some more ideas. You can have a different wallpaper on your lockscreen for example or place widgets/ icons on it which may do what you want. Don't know your phone so I don't if these work though!

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