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  1. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    Hi folks

    Samsung Droid Charge user here. I had my phone rooted maybe dozen if not more times, so far. Buddy approached me today with his new Rezound, and asked to root it for him. I said - yeah, sure, done it many times - until I read Scotty's walkthrough. THEN I said - omg, no way I am doing this. Way above my head.

    He only wants to debloat his phone, rid of junk programs he has on it from VZW.

    I know, TiBackup can possibly do it, not sure, if it requires root though.

    Question is - is there any way to remove unwanted apps off this phone, without going into all that fortrane/pascal programming to root it? An app maybe? I tried to go into settings>manage apps - you can't uninstall anything.

    Thank you

  2. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    without rooting the phone.... no.

    and the actual process of unlocking and rooting is easier than it seems. it just reads to be rather daunting.. maybe they did that to keep some newer root users away from trying to do it.
  3. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    well, should it have been my phone...

    also, there appears to be app called CleanTool.. removes 20 apps off Rezound. Though i can't find clean download link...
  4. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    that one requires root as well.
  5. ukrkoz

    ukrkoz Well-Known Member

    said to be able to create "temporary root" and wipe out those 20 apps. straight from RW.
  6. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

    you can try it if you like... i think the bootloader needs to still be unlocked though. not sure.
  7. rcrott1

    rcrott1 Well-Known Member

  8. jathompson1

    jathompson1 New Member

    Scotty's walk thru is actually really easy. It's a long read, and some of the information is repetative, but done that way to ensure all bases are covered. After reading for hours and hours it was actually the easiest way that I found. It only took a matter of minutes really once all the downloads were completed.
  9. pmgreen

    pmgreen Active Member

    Does TiBackup just "freeze" bloatware it stays on the phone?
    Did you have any luck getting rid of the garbage?
  10. Amaroth

    Amaroth Well-Known Member

    If you go to the xda Rezound development forums there is one of the top threads that is called all in one toolkit. Watch the video. It's easy as pie

    edit: well unlocking the phone and installing cwm is easy.. used another one click perm root tool to root the phone.. getting a rom to work decently is a whole notha ball game..
    maybe its the roms i been using or maybe im doing it wrong but I have tried 2 roms so far and they both have made my phone unusable. One of them kept giving me force close errors non-stop, and the second one keeps rebooting whenever you do ANYTHING.

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