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  1. rabidhunter

    rabidhunter Well-Known Member Contributor

    Deal alert... The DROID Mini is available at Newegg for $29.99. So if you're thinking about this phone, now a good time to get off the fence.

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  2. kate

    kate Dreaming of Bugdroid. Guide

    It says:

    "$29.99 with a new Verizon Wireless account"

    Does that mean current Verizon customers don't qualify for that price, or you just have to renew a contract?
  3. rabidhunter

    rabidhunter Well-Known Member Contributor

    I upgraded mine for that price. I am a current customer.
  4. Wilford_B

    Wilford_B Active Member

    Thanks for this, unfortunately they bumped it up right in the middle of the process of upgrading to $49.99, oh well......still better than straight from big red.
  5. .sg

    .sg New Member

    Motorola has a deal if you trade a qualifying Motorola phone in when you upgrade to the new Droids. I love the Mini btw. The new features are great.

    Plus you get 6 months of unlimited Play music for free (about a $60 value).
  6. Whatstreet

    Whatstreet Well-Known Member

    Droid Mini free at Verizon for this weekend with new or renewed contract.

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