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  1. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    I have a Galaxy Portal on 2.1 update 1.

    I dont use or like most of the default ringtones, so I've deleted most of them. However im sure on 1.5 I could use andexplorer to copy mp3's into the phones internal media folder. However, if I try now, I just get an error. "cannot paste <filename> from clipboard"

    Is there a way to copy things into the phones media folder without having to root it?

  2. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    You need root.

    You could store the media files on the SD card.

    Create directory Paths as follows
    On the SD

    For Alarm sounds

    For notification sounds

    For ringtones

    Files placed here are picked up as usable by various apps and system processes.
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  3. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Thanks for explaining this beerkan, this does make a lot of sense! I had no idea that you just needed to add the paths to the Sd card, or that they would automatically be detected once you do make them.

    Again, great information, post and answer!

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