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Delete Bloatware...No idea what I am doing

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  1. heatherin951

    heatherin951 New Member

    Hi there!

    My Boyfriend and I spent much of yesterday afternoon trying to root his phone and things. Finally got to where I think he has to delete metro pcs "bloatware" ...in order to get past the metro pcs site? Is that right? I have no idea what bloatware means, or what root means, or what superuser and titanium backup are or do. He has downloaded them both, but then what is he supposed to do with them? I have read most of this thread, and still can't wrap my head around this last step. I can't believe all of you folks seem to know what the heck all of this stuff means. We only got this far by following the directions and doing the steps over and over.
    If anyone is willing to explain to us cave dwellers, it would be so appreciated.

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    Go to the Market (Play Store), download an app called Root Uninstaller. Use it to uninstall the junk lol.

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  3. heatherin951

    heatherin951 New Member

    Thank You! BTW...I did not mean to start a whole new thread. Duhhhhh... sorry. Can you possibly be specific about what junk to uninstall? Will it prompt to do the uninstalls or do you have to go do them and then go back to where the metro site was?
  4. mjlove209

    mjlove209 Well-Known Member

    Safely removable bloatware. In other words metro apps u dont ned because its uneeded, takes up memory and runs in the background. Use titanium backup to unistall bloat and for most it will reboot after each one you unistall dont panic.
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  5. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    You're welcome. It's ok, you are supposed to start a thread lol. If you are using Root Uninstaller, after it shows a list of installed apps, click on a name that you have identified as bloatware, then click uninstall.

    I haven't got any Metro stuff so don't know for sure, but after uninstalling it, you might need to go to the menu for the browser, and set whatever home page you want.
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  6. AndroidDaytona

    AndroidDaytona Well-Known Member

    Is there a guide that shows all apps safe to remove to get most memory?
  7. alittle

    alittle Well-Known Member

    2 posts above you.:thumbup:

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