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Deleting user account on Youtube appSupport

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  1. kkwan77

    kkwan77 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone found a way to delete a user account entered into the Youtube app?

    I only see an option to add another account but no option to remove an account.

    Anyone? :confused:

  2. kkwan77

    kkwan77 Well-Known Member

    Found out from another user -

    Go to:

    Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync > Click Youtube Account

    On the bottom it should say Remove Account.
  3. tc1

    tc1 New Member

    Same problem...it automatically links to an old youtube account that I never use and would like a way to change it and link it to my google log in.

    Go to:

    Menu > Settings > Accounts & sync > Click Youtube Account

    On the bottom it should say Remove Account."

    Tried this and it doesn't say anything about removing an account.
  4. daddyph1975

    daddyph1975 New Member

    The steps reported above are correct but a bit more information was needed, because it can be misleading. For reference, my phone is the Droid X variant of Android.

    Go to: Settings > Accounts

    Within this screen you should be able to identify your YouTube account. Mine was <username>@youtube.com.

    Long Press on the account you wish to remove.

    A pop-up appears with only one option, "Open Account"

    Click on "Open Account" (this is likely where many people get confused; "I don't want to open the account, I just want to delete it!" Trust me, this is where you need to go)

    The next screen that appears now shows a "Remove Account" button at the bottom. Click "Remove Account" and acknowledge the "are you sure" pop-up.

    Account has now been removed and will not automatically appear next time you access the app.:D
  5. zifnab316

    zifnab316 New Member

    What do you do when youtube doesn't show up under accounts?
  6. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    In the YouTube app: Menu> My Channel then tap Sign Out in the upper right corner.
  7. bee_vee

    bee_vee New Member

    Settings -> Accounts -> Google. Open the user account followed by Settings -> Remove account
  8. Rhiannon19

    Rhiannon19 New Member

    I have the same trouble, i cant find the settings to be able to click delete? Can anyone help me please?x
  9. Dwitm

    Dwitm Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't it work to clear data in the manage applications-> youtube
  10. teddyearp

    teddyearp A guide with guides

    @Rhiannon19, either of the above should work.

    good luck
    Dwitm likes this.
  11. Spikey1109

    Spikey1109 Well-Known Member

    Settings < Accounts & Sync < Select the right account (one with the same email address associated with your YouTube account) < Click 'Remove Account' < Confirm It.

    EDIT: Sorry, I didn't realise how old this thread was.

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